I love my job! lol


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Just got back from a 2 hour lunch at the range with my boss and a few upper management. I can not think of a better way to spend my lunch break. So much fun.

Now if I can just talk them into making this a weekly thing and picking up the tab I'll be set!!

Hope you all are having a great day also!

I want to join your company.

Are you allowed to CCW at work?? Please send an employment application. If I can shoot with my boss during the lunch hour my salary is negotiable!!! I have a tricked out Mini-14 (National Match fluted heavy barrel, 7" Twist, with muzzle brake, 3.0 Lb. trigger, 4-12 scope, bi-pod!) would be happy to bring it with me to the range. We could have a shooting contest to decide who buys dessert!
According to our employee manual it says...
"No illegal weapons of any kind are allowed on the premise."
Well, I'm 100% legal so nothing to worry about.

I'd be more then happy to send you all an application but we were just bought and laid off 20 people 2 days ago. I made it past the first wave and hopefully the last. But if anyone is looking for a software test engineer let me know! Lol
Fortunate indeed you are. ANY weapon, (knife, scissors, etc) expressly verboten on company property.

Yep it just say no illegal weapons. So I guess anything that could be used as a weapon, (scissors, paper weight, keyboard, ect) that's not illegal is ok to have on the property!

But I'm a little worried that this might change with the buy out. The company that bought us is a bank and out of state. Sooooo we will see. Although if the new employee manual says its a no no state laws says its ok.......
By now i'm sure all the job applications are gone:(. that would never happen where I work, stay where your at even if minimum wage:)

That is very unfair. I think my employer would rather shoot me than go shooting with me.
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The boss doesn't go shooting with me, but I only see him once or twice a year. Working from home (field service) is nice. The only down side is that there aren't any indoor ranges around here.

I get to stop at the two outdoor ones (free) pretty much whenever I feel the urge, though. As long as I'm caught up, anyway. I take my range bag with me every day, just in case.

Freedom and firearms. Best job I've ever had. Pays decent, too.

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