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I guess I'm the first from NH. I just hated seeing that "never" in the NH forum.

HI! I'm from the Northshore of Mass, Peabody...looks like its the closest to you so far!

Cool site, I hope it develops. Where in NH are you from?
Hi everyone. I'm not from NH but I was stationed at Pease AFB for a couple years. I left after they closed the base. I also have a NH non-resident CWP. I have to say I enjoyed my short stay there. Loved the weather, but the ocean was always cold!:)
Hi all. I am originally from NH, but now live across the country. I am real excited to have finally received my non-res carry license. I am eager to read up on the carry laws in the state (restrictions, etc.), for those times that I am back to visit my parents.

I will be around this site.
Come on now, last reply to this thread was back in March? Any NEW NH members on here? Stop in and say "hello/where you from". As carguy said, cool site, hope it develops". Let's at least get the NH thread going!
Hello from Claremont,NH. Great site hope it takes off. On a side note what do you have to do to start a topic? i posted a topic like 2 weeks ago and it said it had to be approved by a Mod and then it would be posted? It was never put up in here?
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To post a NEW topic you just click on "New Topic" when you first open New Hampshire. I don't know about the moderator thingy you mentioned. Good luck.

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