Hang Up And DRIVE


God Bless Our Troops!!!
OK second Rant here goes

1. Hang up and drive...Stop swerving all over the road 10 MPH slower than the posted speed limit.
2. Hang up and drive...Pull your head out of your butt and look before pulling out into traffic
3. Hang up and drive...Stop gesturing wildly while you talk in traffic you're liable to cause a road rage incident
4. Hang up and drive...the light has been green twice now...it's the skinny pedal on the right sweetheart
5. Hang up and drive...find a dang parking spot and quit blocking the fire lane/crosswalk in front of the store.

Good to know someone has the same pet peeve as me. I've come close several times to being hit by someone using a cell phone and driving. One time I was even looking the person dead in the eyes and could tell they didn't even know I was there. My daughters know that if they get in an accident and it's determined they were on the cell phone while driving they'll lose their phones for an indeterminate time.
This is even crazier

I read an article (as soon as i find it I will post it on here) about people actually jacking off while they drive now. I cant even imagine.......
I'll admit to replying to emails on the road. (I know, I'm terrible) But, I never do it when other cars are nearby, in unstable traffic, or when I wouldn't feel comfortable doing something similarly distracting like changing the radio station. Most of the time I don't even have to look at the phone because I can feel the keys. I've never had a close call due to use of concentration-intensive activity with a phone. People should use common sense when doing things like that and we would all be a lot better off.
I read an article (as soon as i find it I will post it on here) about people actually jacking off while they drive now. I cant even imagine.......

You really gotta try it sometime, it's half as good as getting felatio while driving, but works when you're by yourself and driving the only car for miles on an interstate at a fairly high rate of speed. ;-)

You think that's bad. I've seen a girl on a motorcycle holding a map down on her gas tank with both hands and looking at the map while moving at highway speeds.
My hometown, (Gary, IN) passed an ordinance last year banning the use of cell phones while driving. Nevertheless, I see a dozen or more people per day talking while driving; the ordinance was a total joke to begin with because everyone knew that it would not get enforced and as I expected, it isn't.

What gets me are people who have a cup of coffee between their legs, a cell phone in one hand, and either a cigarette or stick of lipstick in the other, all while changing the radio station and driving.
That is freaking crazy. No hands on the bars or nothing. I see his life spam getting shorter by the minute.

People like that guy are why Nanny State proponents want to require all motorcyclists to wear helmets. No matter how much legislation gets passed in the name of "safety", common sense and goodhabits can only be taught and learned, not legislated.

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