Don't think that grenades count as a "concealed weapon".

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I didn't think it was legal to have grenades. I must be mistaken, I am sure a drug dealer would not have anything in his possession that was illegal.
I guess laws to keep criminals from having grenades work about as well as gun laws.
Actually, and someone here probably knows better. The grenade mechanism itself can be owned by people under class 3 paperwork. That is the mechanisms, without fuse and removed of the explosive medium. I know grenade launchers can be obtained through class 3 paperwork under the title destructive devise. The grenade with the explosive material requires more qualifications than I would even want to guess. I'm guessing a class 3 license and a top pyro license would not even qualify one to own grenades. Of course we can all get the recast paperweight look alike grenades, or old training and powder form grenades that have been made irreversably inert. I've got an old inert 'training' grenade on my desk with a "take a number" tag on it. Just an interesting though expiriment on how hard if impossible it would be legally. These grenades found at scene are of course most likely the bargain basement black market purchases that "according to all the quote knowing people, can be prevented by strengthening the laws". We see how well that is working. ARG!!!
Like whip said. The criminals are not obeying the laws on the books soooooo there is only one answer........... We need more laws! Maybe they will follow atleast one of them! :rolleyesb: :duimomlaag:
If grenades are outlawed, then only the outlaws will have grenades.

Wait...that's the situation here. So, in that case...we need to outlaw logical reasoning, because the above statement allows outlaws to have grenades, which endangers everyone.

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