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My collection is growing and after looking at what I have I did not have a revolver. So, I had been kinda looking for a .357 not with anything exact in mind. Yesterday I had stopped by Gander Mtn and they had a Taurus M616 Titanium .357 on clearance and just too good to pass up. Can't wait to spend some time at the range.

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Very Nice Bro!!...............

Should be very accurate and you can use 38. cal in her as well!!:biggrin:
A couple of other photos. My normal hosting site was down last night when I put up the first post.

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I'm afraid I may have lost this gun.....I finally got my wife to go the the range with me a couple of weeks ago and this past Tuesday made her 3rd trip. She had been trying out all my pistols to see what she liked and didn't like before deciding on what to buy for herself. Well, after shooting the Taurus she loves it.

Not too bad for only her 3rd time at the range

congrats on getting the wife into shooting its worth the loss of your new toy!

But now my ammo consumption had doubled :wacko: Good thing I started reloading.

Just last Tuesday:
500 rounds .22
300 rounds 9mm
100 rounds .38
50 rounds .45

She does love to shoot my Browning Buckmark so at least .22's are still pretty cheap.
Congrats on the new gun. That's one thing that my collection lacks also. At some point I'll get one. Have fun with it and tell the wife nice shooting!
Congrats on the new gun. You may have to get another. Every collection should a a few revolvers. I have a Colt Python that I have had sense my days with the Sheriff Dept. and a "Snub nose" Lew Horton Special S&W 44 mag along with my wife's 38.
Hope you enjoy your Taurus, I have the tracker model 627 7shot .357. I really enjoy it and it shoots great. The grips are very comfortable and give me good control.
Semper Fi
nice looking revolver! I just might have to get one myself before too long.. I do prefer semi autos but a good collection might not be complete without a wheel gun.

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