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  • I have a list of things for an elk hunting trip that I send to friends who are coming out to hunt with us. If you would like a copy of it just drop me and email at [email protected] and I will send it to you. I'm still digging up info on area 77 and places with good access to public. I will let you know if I come up with any good info.
    I am shooting a 300 wsm and have it zeroed at 200, as wel,l and I have tried shots out to 300 yds on our property and feel pretty good about a 500 yd.I feel ok about my condition but i know it could be alot better which i am working on. I thank you for all the info, it's just nice to pick the brain of someone who lives and hunts out there.thanks again shannon
    I will ask around and see what kind of info I can find on GMU77 and see if I come up with any good spots to start. There are some pretty good map programs on the CO DOW site that can let you combine topo, USGS, and even aerial photos of the area.
    It may be a good way to scout some of the area and find some likely spots. My best advice would be to drive your ATVs into an area and then walk at least a mile from a road to get away from the crowds. Many of todays hunters are too fat or lazy to walk a mile so if you can that gives you an advantage. Carry a GPs and mark you ATVs and any good sign that you find. Another big difference in Elk hunting is the distances that you may have to shoot, practice at ranges of 300 and 400 yds, even though I have killed many at under 100 yds. If you can hit a pie plate at 200 yds everytime from any position you are probably ok, I have my 30-06 zeroed at 200yds so I am comfortable shooting out to 500 yds if the conditions are right.
    That will be game unit 77 and we are coming out for Oct 18th-26th for the 2nd rifle season, My dad is part of the Wyndam time share so we will be staying there.we are going to hunt the San Juan on our own. We understand that the odds are stacked against us but we are going for the experiance as much as the hunt.I have already started to try to get in shape but I know that it is still going to be a shock to this southern boy! but it will be fun.I have not talked to the CO Division Of Wildlife yet but I guess that will be my next step.thanks so much for the info. Shannon
    I'm quite a ways from Pagosa, about 5 hours if the roads are good. What game management unit is that? What season are you going to be hunting? Where are you staying and have you talked with the CO Division Of Wildlife about where you might start? Elk hunting is a blast but is very difficult, the best advice that I can give you is to get in the best shape possible prior to arriving, and try to arrive a day or two early to acclimate to the altitude. I tell my friends that if they really want to get into elk hunting shape that they should stuff cotton balls up both nostrils and tape their mouth shut and be able to run 3 miles that way, this may be a bit excessive but there is not much oxygen at elk altitudes. Bring a good set of boots and a better set of binoculars as they will help save you some walking. My last suggestion is keep shooting until they aren't moving or you can't see them anymore. They are incredibly tough animals.

    Chris Green
    Hey elkhuntco, my user name is fibertech and I live in Ga and my dad,myself and brother are coming to pagosa springs in Oct. for a elk and mule deer hunt.I have never been out west before and was wondering how close you are to pagosa and if you have any suggestions of what we need to do to get the most of the experience.we are staying at a motel and bringing out atv's ( no real packing in).thanks ahead for any info.
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