BG + .357 revolver cocked = good stupid discharge


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Convicted crack dealing felon ........... $100,000's wasted tax payers money
Illegal .357 Cal revolver........... $50 on the street
.357 Cal revolver with the hammer locked in single action mode, hidden in his belt, goes off killing BG when BG bends over ....... PRICELESS

Read this today and I figured some of you would enjoy reading this.
St. Petersburg Times "1 shot closes slaying case" -- January 13, 2008
Every once in a while, I find a story in the media that amazes me with the ingenuity of scumbags with guns. I have reported many instances of 'stupid discharges' but this far and away the 'most bang for the buck'! A St. Petersburg career scumbag criminal by the name of Robert Mann was the prime suspect in the shooting death of a 48-year-old man in 1996. Mann sold crack cocaine to a roofer who rode away on his bike rather than pay Mann. As the story stated, "Mann did what dope slingers sometimes do when deals go sour. He pulled out a gun and opened fire, police said." Unfortunately Mann could not be charged due to a lack of evidence. However, true to form, he was in fact convicted of shooting at someone else and spent five years in Florida State Prison for aggravated assault, firing into a vehicle, robbery and carrying a gun illegally. He goes back into prison in for a year after a conviction for grand theft auto. What goes around really comes around! Approximately 2:28 AM on April 6, 2007, Mann is on the phone arguing with his girlfriend and holding a drink with the other hand. Mann has a loaded .357 Cal revolver, apparently with the hammer locked in single action mode, hidden in his belt at his back on the right side of his body. Holy Cow -- he could not possibly have a gun because he was a Convicted Felon! He bent over to pick something up and, "Then, a bullet fired" because when he bent over, a portion of his body or clothing depressed the very light single action trigger but what a true 'golden' bullet! Mann was bent over at the waist as a man would do if panting for breath. Here are the results:

Entry # 1 - Entered the body through the back of his right thigh
Exit # 1 - Exited through the front of his right thigh
Entry # 2 - Entered through the right side of his chest about five inches below his shoulder
Exit # 2 - Exited through his back right shoulder
Entry # 3 - Entered his neck tearing a diamond shaped entry wound
The projectile path continued through the neck, though the brain and lodged in the crown of his skull!

I'm going to guess "Karma"...... and a FMJ with a couple hard surfaces to bounce off of.

Anyone else wanna side with me on that one? ;)
how did this guy manage to shoot himself three times accidentally with a .357 revolver?

At first I thought the same thing but it was only one shoot. Listed are the entry and exit wounds of the single bullet. Bullet went through his leg, through his chest and into his head.
Bullets will change trajectory when it hits bone. Bent in the contortion he was in I can see this happening. I wonder if he played pool? A lot of bank shots there!:)

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