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    Product Review: Duracoat Shake-N-Spray: A DIY firearm finish

    Here's your Duracoat Picture Link RemovedLink RemovedOlive Drab, and Desert Tan with Diamondback Rattlesnake Grips
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    Taurus 22?

    To the original poster...If you haven't purchased the Taurus already, and are open to other small 22's check out the Bersa Firestorm. Link Removed I had the pt22 from Taurus, and while it is a decent weapon with a great warranty, I found the bersa to be so accurate that I now have two of them. I...
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    Price of Ammo

    Here are the local Walmart's for your area: Link Removed Usually the larger ones have a sporting goods dept. Call around and see if you can save some money.
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    Is the CZ75B a reliable carry option ?

    Like I said in a previous post, I have a CZ 75 B made for the Czechoslovakian market. It wasn't made for U.S. customers, and it feed's All the ammo I can give it without problem's. This includes Hollow point's. With any pistol that doesn't feed correctly the problem is usually fixed by polishing...
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    Passing Through The State

    Ohio CCW Reciprocity Map We have reciprocity with OK. so same rules should apply. Here is the list: Link Removed
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    Taurus 1911

    If you haven't bought a 1911 yet...May I suggest the Remington 1911 R1 Link Removed The reviews I have read sound very positive and it is about the same price as the Taurus.:pleasantry:
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    Looking for advice on knife selection

    +1 I own most of their line of knives and love them all.Link Removed
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    Three Things about Islam

    As long as you have a good firewall in place, and lot's of security go for it. if you need to check and see if you have been compromised visit this site and run the Shields up security test. Link Removed
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    Show Your High Point Carbine Mods!!

    I think the T.S. model looks the best, but they all shoot great. I like to load mine up with hollow point and really make a mess. Link Removed
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    CCW, and Legal, marijuana

    I think it would come down to a case by case basis. That being said here is a link to the reasons why some would legally use marijuana : Link Removed My own feelings about it, if someone needs it as medical treatment, then it should be available to them.
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    OAG and Concealed Handgun License laws Booklets

    You probably already have this but I'll post it anyway: Link Removed
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    Large beaver attacks man while fishing

    This is a cool link to the largest beaver dam in the world, Pretty cool.Link Removed
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    Changes to Miranda Rights?

    High court trims Miranda warning rights bit by bit By JESSE J. HOLLAND, Associated Press Writer Jesse J. Holland, Associated Press Writer Mon Aug 2, 10:46 am ET WASHINGTON – You have the right to remain silent, but only if you tell the police that you're remaining silent. You have a right to a...
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    Update "No Firearm Sign"

    We have a great site for this kind of thing: Link Removed and that's how we take care of that!:biggrin:
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    Range safety

    Link Removed You might want to give these a try if you can't get to the range. I have used them and they work pretty well. Just use a primer and the plastic bullet, no powder is needed.:pleasantry: