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    New 'Deep Conceal' recommendations

    I'm looking to get a pistol. Something smaller that my current ones. My G29 is a good size but bulky. If there were a single stack option, that would rock. Considering that I'm going to be using this with a belly band or other garment that keeps it close to the body, I want something with a...
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    Proof in hand... and your still arrested.

    Car owner arrested... for being in possession of his own car. . This **** is scary. Even with PROOF OF OWNERSHIP, these fools are not smart enough to figure it out. I seriously hope this guy get a fat check and these cops get fired for negligence and false arrest... but they wont. . Link Removed
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    Obama opens door to tolls on interstate highways

    Were already working on this. Major Drag. We jut don't go into Seattle much anymore partly due to the tolling. Link Removed
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    Firearm Accident

    I'll add this since I have not had an AD/ND... . . Corrections officer accidentally shoots self at practice range . Link Removed . They are calling I an AD, guess a couple of you guys should go educate them.
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    Ford F-150

    Nice, I wish my F350 had more wheel travel, and softer suspension. I think I dislocated my kidney last time I left the pavement. :eek:
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    2 dead after robbing Reading store; no charges for shooter

    Authorities in Berks County say two robbery suspects were shot and killed by a concerned citizen outside a Reading convenience store. "He was very brave, very brave. He could have ran away, he chose not to," Berks County District Attorney John Adams said. It was just after 2:00 p.m. when...
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    Starbucks - more anti's stirring the pot

    Gun-control group wants boycott of Starbucks on Saturday - Strange Bedfellows ? Politics News My wife thinks its another good opportunity to show our support. We'll be at our local one for a bit. I typically CC, but Sat will be an OC day. :cool:
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    imigration, its just a game...

    Immigration , its just a game... Link Removed
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    Colorado gun buy back... CANCLED DUE TO BACKGROUND CHECKS

    Gotta love the irony! ~ Link Removed
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    Call 911 and told "Sorry, we have no one available" Woman then raped.

    If there ever was an argument for owning a gun, THIS IS IT! » The Right Scoop -
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    Warning Shot

    This is the story that started the conversation. Her initial comment was "Way to go grannie", and mine was "Warning shots are a bad idea" and so the argument goes. . Link Removed
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    Warning Shot

    I'm having a discussion about warning shots. There have been a few listed in news reports lately and I told the person I was talking with that warning shots are a bad idea... and so the argument started. . I was told that I was stupid for thinking warning shots are a bad idea. Of course I...
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    Being LIED TO by the media. Sandy Hook.

    Link Removed . "A loaded 12-gauge shotgun was found in the glove compartment of the Honda Civic Lanza drove to the school with two magazines containing 70 rounds of Winchester 12-gauge shotgun rounds." .
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    Rhineland Arms - Anyone what their rimfire rifles value at?

    Looks like they may have a new web address. Link Removed
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    And the Firearms Salesman of the Year is.....

    Link Removed . A gun store display is causing controversy in Merrimack. . The window display at Collectible Arms and Ammo shows President Barack Obama as the "Firearms Salesman of the Year." . Store owner Keith Cox said it's all about freedom of speech, noting he's been getting words of support...