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    Sleeve Guns???

    This guy is suffering from Dickey-Doo disease. His belly sticks-out further than his dickey do...
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    Donald Trump = Idiot

    Not the sharpest tool in the shed, this Aussie. Delusions of grandeur. Inability to comprehend American law. No mass shootings in 20 years, but murders using other implements of death are through the roof, in Aussie land, as are other crimes, and many of those are with firearms. Blatant...
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    Nationwide Reciprocity

    If history is so quickly forgotten by those who would bastardize and subjugate America, I want to make sure those bastard terrorists inside the beltway never forget this image, and the absolute evil it represents. Why? Because whenever it comes, socialist doctrine, when in the hands of insane...
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    Seniors Arming Themselves

    Yep, 60 here and have to use a can opener to use it...and I will use it, if the unthinkable happens. Link Removed
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    No More CRs Allowed?

    Off topic, but I need to know. Why no CRs allowed any more? Text crammed into single line posts are hard to follow, and don't allow double spacing when subject material changes. So, am I missing something here? Any way to get around this? My old eyes can't pick-up the next line of posts if they...
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    FBI Says 9mm Is The Best Pistol Round

    He needs to get out of that Kommie hell hole.
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    One Expert's Opinion on the AR15 for Home Defense

    My first choice as well, for quite some time: American Rifleman | The AR for Home Defense: One Expert's Opinion
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    Arkansas Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General Say Open Carry is Legal in Arkansas

    Arkansas does an about-face of interpretation of Act 746, signed into law. Open carry now apparently legal, but all of law enforcement needs to get on board. Our Sheriff (Kelly Cradduck) has instructed his officers NOT to arrest citizens open carrying. This is an about face for him. I'm...
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    Concealed Carry Permit Confiscated

    LMAO! topic.
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    Nationwide Reciprocity

    Pepsodent to the rescue!
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    Arkansas Passes Many Pro-gun Bills - Signed Into Law - N R A-ILA Link It's about time our state, with its now Republican majority, passed laws easing ridiculous restrictions on our carry rights. I had hoped for more. All in due time...
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    Gabby Giffords Fight Gun Control Group Terrorism With Gun Control

    Consider these images stolen for my archive! The "victim" looks a bit like my son when he was much younger.
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    Women's Combat Infantryman Experiment Fails...Miserably.

    Please. Women should not be put on the front lines of battle. There may be a few with an excess of testosterone that would certainly make the grade, but results and reports from this brilliant administration's idea has crashed to earth like a lead zeppelin. While 34 percent of women passed...
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    Police Let K9 Maul Victim Who Died Later

    The cellphone video is not that clear, and it is not clear that the K9 mauled the victim prior to the start of the cellphone recording. Jersey Cops Let K9 Maul Man to Death, Then Try to Steal the Video - The Daily Beast