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    Hell Is Not a Joke.

    Gawd, I hope not; do you realize how much work it would be breakin' 'em in the way the Bible says to? Link Removed
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    Hell Is Not a Joke.

    Funny; considering who's consigned there, I'd think it would be ..... fabulous! Link Removed
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    Why the Mark Equals Spiritual Death

    I'm completely convinced that the MARK II of Lincoln is vastly superior to any marks that came after it, especially the abomination known as the VII which was merely a rebodied Ford Thunderbird. Those lines, Oh My GOD, I'm in H E A V E N Link Removed Not to mention it has an interior...
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    Why the Mark Equals Spiritual Death

    Link Removed
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    The Case for Eternal Punishment

    And then there's... Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Nope, not a single contradiction there.
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    The Case for Eternal Punishment

    I don't hate God. I don't have Vishnu, Buddha, Christ, Odin, Zeus, Poseidon, Osiris, Jarri, or even the Flying Spaghetti Monster. All are equally worthy and real in my eyes. And as for the Bible not contradicting itself... ummm.... Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed
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    Army Gen. introduces his husband at Pentagon Gay Pride event

    Ringo, your poor attempt at character assassination is something I thought most people had left behind on the elementary school playground but I think I still remember how to play... I think Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi are a lovely couple as well as Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka...
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    Homophobia v. Hoplophobia

    Ah, yes, as opposed to such people as Susan Eubanks: Murdered Her Four Sons Only to Get Revenge Against Her Ex-Husband Frances Newton: Murdered Her 21-month old daughter, 7-year old son, and husband Andrea Yates: Murdered Her Five Children Because She "Heard Voices" Lianne Smith: Murdered Her...
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    The Case for Eternal Punishment

    "Behold the Atheist's Nightmare" - Kirk Cameron and company explain why there is GOD because the banana is shaped "for the human hand" by God. What they forget (or likely didn't know in the first place considering their beliefs) is that the modern...
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    The Case for Eternal Punishment

    Link Removed
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    M&P Shield polished barrel

    Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Link Removed Polished but not shined, I think shining would require actual metal removal which is something I wouldn't want to do. And there's also the fact that it would be hard to get an even, all-over shine on such contours.
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    If you don't think LEO is an armed arm of the political left just read on

    Nope, sorry. I've always been this name on this forum. Were you previously known as Link Removed? My reply to the original poster was spot-on. It was his reply to me that "dragged it off course". I'm sure that if I only knew who you were I'd be devastated by such news. Although my mere two...
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    Printing law?

    The reason you cannot find anything on the subject is because it doesn't exist. If you friends say it does, challenge them to provide a citation to the law, otherwise just raise the BS flag. :secret: The law in South Carolina is "...(5) ‘Concealable weapon’ means a firearm having a length of...
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    What CCW Mag Pouch are You Using?

    Not a terrible idea at all. I'm a fan of the Glock mag carrier before but I was unaware of how to use it with my M&P. I'll have to give it a try. And speaking of 'convertibles' the Link Removed, will fit both the Glock and the M&P series. As a minimal holster, there isn't much more minimal.
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    open carry

    Well, lemme see.... You're in a 'may issue' state. If you move to another town and the local chief of police doesn't know you or doesn't like you !Poof! there goes your LTC. You have to have the state's permission to purchase either a handgun or long gun You have to record the transfer of any...