What is the best Military pistol???

what is the best military pistol

  • HK MK23

    Votes: 7 6.9%

    Votes: 2 2.0%
  • BERRETTA 92F (M-9)

    Votes: 6 5.9%
  • CZ 75

    Votes: 5 5.0%

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • 1911

    Votes: 71 70.3%
  • 455 WEBLEY

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • SIG P226 NAVY

    Votes: 10 9.9%

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God Bless Our Troops!!!
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I fell in love with the 1911 as a kid. LOVED IT!! Until I met the MK23!

My choice for BEST military pistol EVER... is the MK23. Reliable and well designed... ocean, desert, hot or cold... no matter the conditions, H&K worked every time! And, has been my favorite brand weapon for 20 years!

My CCW is H&K as a result!

The M11 is a great weapon; and I personally never liked the M9! I DO WISH I could add to my collection an original Colt SA Army and 455 Webley! Both would be way cool weapons to own! :)
Having carried a classic 1911 as a sidearm (and an M60 as my primary) WAY back when the best President EVER was in charge (Ronald Reagan), I too have an affinity for the 1911.

However, for military application, the HK and Sig lines bring a whole lot more to the table now-days than the trusty 1911. Namely, the number of rounds per mag.

Obviously, personal preference and bias carries no weight, or else the Beretta M9 would have been replaced long ago. Yet, it's still around and "winning" contracts time and again. I love 1911's too, but if I had my choice and I was going cave hopping, or room clearing, I'd want more than 8 rounds per mag. SOCOM has the right idea.

HK's are outstanding, just expensive. Sigs are expensive too. Both are "bullet-proof" in their design, reliability and capability on the modern battlefield.
1911 has provin its self in combat and i still carry one every day in colt 1991a1 compact and never has miss feed yet and i've carried it for over 16yrs now
Glock 19

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I'm a huge fan of the 1911 and own two (voted 1911)......However, I gotta think that a Glock would be most beneficial in desert warfare for our guys over in Iraq & Afghanistan. Sand has a way of getting into everything. Given the fact that one can field strip without any tools and from a reliability standpoint....hard to beat. Just my 2 cents.

I was in the army for four years with two tours overseas as and infantryman, The berreta is garbage and unsafe. the 1911 has had less accidental shootings than any other weopon ever used by the military. I tell you what i would rather have carried a 1911 everyday i carried the piece of crap berreta especually because 9mm is inneffective and useless in a combat situation where hollowpoints are against the geneva convention. The safety of a berreta has a tendency to just slip off while in your holster... like i said garbage
I love the 1911's but i say the cz75b is one of the most rugged acrurate pistols out thiere for it's price. i'vehad beretas and sigs, and the cz 75b was just as accurat and reliable.
It isn't one of the choices but I say Glock. If I were to get dropped in anywhere and had my choice of pistol it would absolutely be a Glock!

One of our members says it best in his signature; "I show my friends my Kimber, I show my enemies my Glock"

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