What is the best gun cleaning products?

MOST cleaners and lubes out on market are derived from OIL/CRUDE OIL.
Crude oil , like gasoline and petroleum, Dissolve polymer at the molecular level, meaning the polymer simply breaks apart and you CANT see it happening!

The ONLY cleaning & lubes I use are: SLIP2000 (EWL is good for everything imaginable)
and TW25B on the rails and high friction points

Slip2000 contact: 707-585-8329 or [email protected]TW25B is made by Mil Comm and thier #: 1-888-9 Grease or [email protected]

if its made for steel, it may HARM polymer
If it's polymer-safe, its safe for everything!

Can't say enough good things about Otis Products. The first cleaning kit I purchased was the Otis Tactical kit. Sure Otis' products are a bit more expensive BUT they quickly make up for it. When the Dealer I vatunteered for around 2001 seen the kit I had he ordered in a whole display system. Otis' CS is 2nd to None as well.
Odderless mineral spirits!

Oderless mineral spirits is what some gunsmiths have used for a long long time. They seem to go threw a couple of gallons a year for cleaning and to WET emery cloth BEFORE using on a gun.
I just tried an experiment that you too can try. We had a week or so of below 20 degree weather. I took a long sheet of aluminum foil out to my shed, took a shoe box and cut the bottom out of it. placed it on the foil and used every lube I had, moving the box down the foil until I ran out of gun lubes. Some were sray and some not. By doing it inside the box I avoided any OVER SPRAY. Ballistol (gelled up- NOT good) also FP10 a synthetic also gelled up- NOT good). CPL or CLP stayed very thin and I will use it during the winter monthes here in Massachusetts. I had two dry lubes and they did work well, drying fast and leaving a good film of dry lube on the foil. The one I bought was LIQUID WRENCH DRY LUBE, from Walmart, under three dollars for a big spray can. My frame parts including my magazine well will get this lube. Ballistol will be NOW used in-place of grease, as it is a gel at low temperatures (must be made with a little grease added).
One very important thing I found is KEEP SPRAY LUBES or any lube away from your AMMO. Most if not ALL are penitrating oils and WILL cause a penitration into your ammo, which will cause it to miss fire. I now wipe out the camber from the mag to the bore entry hole VERY VERY good and my foiling that I was blaming on bad ammo WENT AWAY. I have two 22's that were foiling with just about any ammo until I read this and started using a DRY rag AFTER CLEANING to get rid of all EXCESS lubes. If you have an auto-loader whip it with mineral spirts or rubbing alchol but DO NOT use any oil on the inside where it comes in contact with ammo. Retired and loving it!
I tried a simple test that anyone can do. I'm a new guy and have ALL SORTS of cleaning soutions. One very cold day (minus 5) I went out to the shed with a ling piece of aluminum foil. Put a one inch by 6 inch application of each on the foil and came back the next day and checked them out (leaving each bottle over each application). Some gunked up badly (don't want to use them in the winter monthes). I went away really liking the "Liquid Wrench, DRY LUBE). Very good lube on all moving parts and a spray at Wal-mart is under 3 dollars. I forgot which one did best on the barrel but do remember some of the VERY expensive ones gunked up. Also found out (the hard way) most ALL gun oil is PENITRATING OIL. Use it in your chamber or anywhere around your ammo and you get a FTF. At least in 22lr. OIL and AMMO do not mix, I've got half a brick of ammo to prove that point. I cleaned my guns and wiped them with a DRY rag and haven't had a fail to fire FTF sense. Most gun smiths do or use to use and seem to use for cleaning is ODORLESS mineral spirts. Seems they use gallons of it per year. Must still be used outside or with a lot of ventilation, even odorless! One other thing I do is use a hoppies bore snake (at end there is a loop). I cut 2 inch patches into 1/2 inch by 2 and put it into that loop (halfway). Now I add oil to the patch so the last thing going threw the bore is an oiled patch.
My version of Ed's Red: 50/50 mix of Kroil and Amsoil synthetic ATF. I find it to be a great cleaner. I follow up with a lube mix with the last of my CLP that I bought over 20 years ago and Mobil 1 synthetic oil.

Works for me.
Eezox on everything ... even my blades... tried it and never looked back and so has everyone who I've told to try it....Cleans, eliminates fingerprints,protects even makes em smell fresh... its hard to trust a dry lube but I've become a believer ....
I'm a true follower of Hoppes #9. For actions, a little dab of good old moly grease works wonders. Also, try Marvel Mystery Oil for your wipedown rag.
For most cleaning jobs I still use Hoppe's #9. I have found that on the tougher jobs kroil works great, even on black powder guns! cardinal sin, I know! never had a problem, just clean it well with gun scrubber! Lately I have been using Bore Tech cleaning products, as #9 was not cutting it, these products are great. The CU2 product is fantastic on severe copper fouling. Smells way better than Sweets and is bore safe. Lots of stuff out there. I seem to get a lot of guns through the shop that are very neglected, so I need products that work and these work well for me.
nothin like the smell of hoppes #9 in the morning .....hahahhahah

Have you tried the Hoppes Elite? Works just as good without the smell. Now the wife doesn't bit-- (er I mean complain) when I clean my weapons at the dining room table.
Have you tried the Hoppes Elite? Works just as good without the smell.

None of the Hoppes products have the "good smell" any longer. It seems they've changed the formula and removed it. Probably because the new formula is more "green friendly", or some such crap. The one thing I used to look forward to when cleaning my guns is now gone forever. Makes me want to pi$$ on Al Gores house!
Anyone have any experance with polymer guns and cleaners? I just bought my first and have always used Break-Free. Is it safe on plastic?
I am with Bob Dunlap on this one. Siimple green is IMHO the best gun cleeaner ever made and gets off even the dry oil form a 1800's lever gun. Then once CLEAN and DRY a application of Breeak Free let sit wipe down and reassemble. This has been my method of cleaning for going on 20 years now. I see the forum is not hot linking products! ?Nice...

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