Veterans/Military "sign in" honor list

Hey Bubblehead, I was with Queenfish until 70 and got out.

Queenfish...very cool!

Hawkbill - ETC(SS), COMSUBPAC N2 Cavalla ETCS(SS), Hawkbill (COB), COMSUBPAC N1

I arrived on the island of Oahu in 1983 to report to Hawkbill and the next morning as we were driving around to get our bearings the Perry & Price radio show was on. They talked about the fact that Queenfish was returning from a six month first introduction to the stealthy world of submarines. Very cool and very different from the surface Navy I came from...but it turns out I thrived in that environment, despite what was thrown at me.
Special Agent with Air Force Office of Special Investigations
Tours in Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan.

USMC Civilian
13 - Present
Signing in...

Great forum..

USAF Reserves
McChord AFB, Jet Engine Mechanic, C-141s

USAF Active Duty
2001-..and counting
McGuire, Scott, Charleston, Sheppard, McChord, headed to Scott in July, Aircraft Maintenance Officer, KC-10s, C-141s, C-17s.
E-4 (SrA), US Air Force, AWACS mechanic and Security Forces, Tinker AFB

Nice to meet ya'll. Can't wait to get more involved on this site. I just recently found out about it at my CCW class in Oklahoma City

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Protective grandpa
U.S. Navy 1977-1981NRMC Great Lakes, Echo Company 2nd Battalion 8th Marines Camp Lejeune, NC HM 3 (E4)

U.S. Army 1981-1986 505th Signal Company Ft. Huachuca, AZ, 581st MI Detachment Zweibrucken AFB Germany. Then from 1987-1990 Indiana National Guard Alpha Company, Anderson, IN, followed by Bravo Company, Elwood, IN. SGT (E5)
USMC 1949-1955 Active; 1955 to present Former Active. Units served, Parris Island, Camp Lejune, 2nd Marine Division, Camp Pendleton 1st Aggressor Platoon, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Brigade Korea, 7th Marines Korea, 8th Marines Camp Lejune, Base Fire Department Quantico. I gave the Marine Corps what many called their best birthday present ever. I was discharged on the Marine Corps birthday Nov 10, 1955 Semper Fi until the day I die. J.
USMC 1980-86

3rd MAG H&MS-13 El Toro,Ca.

Aviation Ordnance/Weapons Instructor--Napalm, HE Bombs, Missiles, Rockets, Vulcan Gun System, Close Air Support Smoke Operations

If not for the asinine gun laws, I would be spending my life in beautiful San Diego.
USS Piedmont (AD-17)
USS Hawkbill (SSN-666)
USS Cavalla (SSN-684)
USS Hawkbill (SSN-666) Chief of the Boat
Shore duties were mixed in there too...
USN Recruiting District San Antonio, TX - HQ as the Command Master Chief

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