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Ok,so I've been noticing every time when I go to ship something at UPS,there is a little sign on the door that says 'no firearms'.You know the type,a picture of a .38 revolver with a circle and a line.It bothers me,so I sent an e-mail to them.The message is as follows:

I often use the UPS Customer Service Center located at 9641 POZOS LN
CONROE, TX 77303.I have noticed that there is a sign on the door that states 'no firearms allowed'.I was wondering if this is a corporate policy or if this was decided locally.I was also wondering why this was posted in the first place.As we all know,criminals do not obey the law anyway,let alone a little sign on the door.Also,this sign makes law abiding citizens who legally carry firearms for their protection and that of their family feel unwelcome.I understand UPS wants to creat a safe environment for their employees and their customers,but this type of policy does the exact opposite.Also,by allowing law abiding,licensed people to leagally carry inside,there is a net benefit to all people present,because a criminal will go for an easy,unarmed target rather than someone who is armed.I wonder,is UPS willing to accept responsibility for my safety,since you do not want me to be responsible for my own?As a licensed firearms dealer I use UPS often to ship merchandise to manufacturers and other dealers.I like UPS because of your good service and the tracking information I always get when I ship something.However,if UPS will not allow me to protect myself,I think it is in my best interest to take my business elswhere.
Thank you."
I did NOT mention that the sign is not the type that makes it legal and therefore carries no weight whatsoever in the state of Texas.That way,if they come back and say it's corporate,they don't know the sign's wrong,and I can still keep carrying in there legally.I'll let you all know what they say back.If I don't like what they say,I'll send a letter to corporate HQ.


Strange. I don't think it's corporate, though. I have to pick up and drop off all the time. At least 3 time a week, actually. UPS has no signs here, but FedX does.

Guess which one I use?
We are way rural here, so don't have a UPS store, just pick up service. I have had lots of fun discussions with my UPS driver since I also have a firearms business and use UPS a lot, and my driver is an avid shooter/hunter and it's pretty obvious to him what's in the long skinny boxes I have to sign for . . .
Anyway, he has a license to carry, but isn't allowed by UPS to carry while working. He's understandably irritated about it with the amount of merchandise on his truck on any given day and him with no good means of self protection. It may be corporate policy for their drivers, but that shouldn't have anything to do with customers at their stores. Let us know what you find out.
I saw the same sign at a local UPS store. But in my case, they were saying they don't ship firearms or ammunition from the store front locations--only the central hubs can do that. So I had to bring mine to a central hub to have it shipped to the manufacturer for servicing.

Are you sure that it was an anti-ccw statement, and not just a notice that they won't ship firearms or other dangerous goods?
small world Brainchild. I used to live in Spring and go to Conroe often. I know just the place you are talking about. it's kind of funny though. I am not a native texan or anything, just lived there for a couple years. but when not living in texas I would hear often about how much of a pro gun state texas is... but to be honest I liked living in Utah more, especially when going to the range. in texas I always seemed to have some one breathing down my neck waiting for me to break a rule or something by pulling the trigger too fast or something lame like that. don't get me wrong I liked living in texas (except in the summer when I would open the door of my house and get knocked down by the blast of heat that hit me). but as far as the pro gun rumors I always heard. texas just didn't seem to quite live up to them. so glad to see some one taking action.
I finally got a response from UPS.It was not a written response,instead they opted to respond by phone.I was told that it was a corporate policy not to allow firearms at their customer service centers.As I may have stated before,their signage is not up to Texas penal code specs,and therefore,does not carry any weight whatsoever here.So I'm on solid legal ground if (and I mean IF) I go there.Which is why I did not inform them that their sign was not,in fact, legally binding.
Oh well,SOMEBODY wants my money.I'll check out FedEx.
I went to FedEx today to send something.They had a sign on the door with the circle and line through and a picture of what looks like a Berreta 92FS and a chef knife.Since I don't have a Berreta and I leave the chef knife at home,I guess I can carry my piece in there.

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