Two More Non-shooters turned towards guns!!!


God Bless Our Troops!!!
Today my brother-in-law and my nephew came down from IL. They were introduced to the berm and shooting in no time flat.

My Brother-in-law has always been a self proclaimed anti but had to admit the it was fun, safe and worth the doing on vacation. Both want to get guns and are looking for rifles and pistols when they get back.

What have you done lately to further the shooting sports?

nice job! I am waiting for my sister to get home from a get together to take her shooting.. she has been before but never really could say she was into it much. so I am trying to find out if maybe she just didn't like the guns she has tried, maybe they had too much recoil. I know she has shot a 12g and said it was a little much.

she totally believes in the 2A and dislikes obama very much, just trying to get her more active in shooting. not trying to force it.. she has said she liked it when she tried it. so that's at least something. we'll see what happens when she gets home.
Took three friends and members in our sunday school class through the Concealed Handgun Class class today so they can get their CHL.
so I did end up taking my sister out shooting yesterday. she shot my ruger 10/22 with 25 round mag and my AK-47. she said the .22 was ok. but she had a hard time holding it steady (she is a small girl). she said she still liked it and I am sure would get better with practice.. then she shot my AK-47 and she said that was really cool! then I bump fired it for her as she watched from the side/rear. she said that was CRAZY AWESOME! and said it was really cool seeing the fire come out of the barrel. so I think she had fun and would be willing to go again.
My father (whom has been anti most of his life) wants me to take him to the range and teach him how to shoot and how to handle a firearm. This is a huge step for him seeing as how we always get into a debate over the 2A....maybe all my talks have finally paid off? Let’s see how it goes

Nice job on getting people to see the good of the sport guys. It is acts like that which get people to appreciate and understand our hobby. It’s funny when I have shot with antis before, their reaction on a few different times have been "the media makes this out to be a horrific killer" (while shooting my AR-15). MY POINT EXACTLY!!! They are just target/hunting rifles and NOT "assault weapons"....It’s always good to educate and spread the truth.
What have you done lately to further the shooting sports?

I have been working on my brother for awhile now (not anti, just ignorant) and he finally got himself a 10/22. Now he won't stop talking about it, ha! Now I need to get him into a handgun, but there's a roadblock... his wife doesn't like handguns (too dangerous or something, can't quite understand her logic). Anyways, still working on him.

I took my other brother and his girlfriend out shooting, which they both loved. His girlfriend could only shoot my 9mm, as the 40 and 45 had too much of a recoil (she's as skinny as a toothpick). He liked the handguns ok, but he loved shooting my 223. He wants to get one for himself, but he's a poor college student :cray:.

Took my cousin out, who has a couple of guns but rarely goes shooting anymore. He shot my 223 and had a blast, and is now talking about getting back into shooting regularly, he said he forgot how much fun it was.

I held a "shooting party" of sorts (bunch of guys go up into the hills above my house) with some of the people I work with, after which we had a BBQ at my house. There was 7 of us who attended. One of them didn't own any guns and was hesitant about coming along with us, but we assured him that he could use our guns/ammo and that he would have a blast. Sure enough, the 6 of us brought along our arsenals and there were plenty of guns/ammo to go around. Needless to say he had a blast, and especially liked shooting the shotguns at clays. Fast forward a few months, and he now owns 2 firearms (Mossberg Shotgun and Marlin .22 rifle) and he just graduated from Hunters Ed.

I almost have as much fun taking new people shooting with me as I do shooting the guns myself. Almost..


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