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Thursday, December 31, 2009

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DES MOINES, Iowa — A broom-wielding woman with four children at home chased off two armed men who broke into a Des Moines house and demanded money.

The men allegedly kicked in the house's door Wednesday night and told the four children, ages 10 and younger, to get on the floor.

The woman, who was not identified by police, chased the men out of the house and down the street while swinging a broom at them. (I think she must've been Mrs. Chuck Norris!!)

Des Moines Police Capt. David Huberty says one of the men turned a fired a gun at the woman, who was not injured.

Police later found bullet damage to a vehicle nearby. (I'd be miffed if that was my Chevy Vega!)

Huberty says police think the men fled in a car. Police found a handgun and a glove in a snowdrift. (Retarded pansies, but fortunately Mrs. Norris and her kids weren't harmed. Though the oldest DID have to change his pants after laughing at the perps so hard he peed a little.)

End of story?

Sorry, I couldn't resist. Happy (& safe) New Year!

Great, just great...rest of story: severe restrictions on the use of brooms! Obviously, they frighten people and can hurt, so tis only reasonable to impose said restrictions. Not using that broom for it's intended purpose...off you go!

LMAO! Give that woman a medal (and a gun!). :yes2:
I am not in favor of just anyone being able to own brooms but I will say in this case she made a clean sweep of the situation.
I am not in favor of just anyone being able to own brooms but I will say in this case she made a clean sweep of the situation.

I totally agree and furthermore feel we must adjust our restrictions based on the type of broom used. Obviously, an "assault" broom (light enough for a grandma to hurt you with) should enjoy more restriction than your "sporting" broom (the metal handled heavy push broom which grandma can't swing over her head).

As for grandma's "clean sweep" - Did she dial 911 before or after she routed the BGs? :unsure:
Well Im liking this whole concept. Lets say granny keeps a mop soaking in 2X ammonia and has had a custom folding bayonet installed at the top, similar to a mosin nagant or sks etc. Then when a home invasion occurs she can grab the mop , "fix bayonets" and charge the bg's subduing them in the process and then swipe their eyes with the ammonia thereby macing them. A real "mop up" job indeed.

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