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Does anyone have any complaints about this light? I was looking at a Surefire X300 which is a great light when I came across the TLR-1. Brightness seems to roughly equivalent and controls are just as ergonomic and easy to use. The TLR-1 is half the price.

TLR-2 owner here... currently mounted to my S&W 1911PD, bed gun has become it's role... amazing light, laser needs to be sighted in yet (my own laziness)... personally i love it, can put it on my smith, glock or ar15 very easily and quick... i do like that the surefire seems to have a little lower profile sizewise but i wouldn't trade my TLR for anything as of right now...
Thanks guys. I just bought a new generation C4 TLR-1 on eBay for $98 NIB. Not a bad deal. All of the stores around here and even the gun show vendors still only have the 80 lumen models for around $130.
laser needs to be sighted in yet

You can sight it in without even firing a shot. Just adjust the laser so that the dot is hitting right where you're aiming when you acquire a good sight picture. That's how I do it when I switch it to a different firearm.
haha i know this... hence the laziness crack... i will someday...

EDIT: by the way congrats on the TLR-1, let us know how you like it...
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I got a TLR-2, only used it at the range, seems really bright, I wouldn't want it shining in my face.

It fits both my G21sf which has Picatinny rail, and my G30 which has glock rail, but I have to change the supplied block that atteches to the unit. Not a quick change, so I just leave it for my 21.
Will this mount on any handgun? Say SIG?

I've used it on my P229. It does make a couple of small marks on the gun metal, but nothing a touch up pen won't fix.

Also, Streamlight sells different size spacers (or shims, I'm not sure what they're called) to engage the rail slots on some different models of firearms.

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