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I'm sure this has been answered and can probably be gleaned from the CC laws; pardon me for asking but I want to state my simple questions on CC and CCWP in SC clearly.

If you DO NOT have a CCWP, you CAN carry the gun CC or non CC loaded or unloaded in your house. You CANNOT carry it CC on your person outside your home loaded or unloaded.You CAN bring it along to a range or a gun shop or hunting etc but it must be unloaded and in a separate case but not on your body. You CANNOT carry it CC in your car unless it is in the glove box or trunk unloaded separate from ammo.

If you DO have a CCWP, you CAN carry the gun CC or non CC loaded or unloaded in your house. You CAN carry it CC on your person outside your home loaded or unloaded. You CAN carry it CC on your person or under a newspaper on your seat loaded or unloaded in your car and it does not have to be in the glove box or trunk.
Am I correct in my statements. Comments?

You are confusing the laws of other states with SC.

On private property such as your home, yard, farm, etc. you can carry OC or CC. There is no difference in SC according to tha law. It can be loaded or unloaded. You can also carry while hunting or fishing or on the way to hunting or fishing as long as you have a valid license. SC law does not separate OC and CC.

At other times you can carry in yu glove box, console , trunk with or without a CWP loaded or unloaded, it does not matter.

With a CWP you can carry it on or about your person concealed under normal clothing wear.
Sorry for my confusion--just an old man. Hey FN1910: Having a CCWP, you say I can carry in car as long as it is on or about my person--pardon me for asking but what does "about my person" mean. Are we still just talking about you must have it ON YOU or can it be under say a newspaper next to you (which, to me sounds like "about my person)"?
Another question: When several of us who have CCWPs go to a gun shop we usually just put our gun cases on the back seat of the truck and not in the back bed storage area--is this a violation?
Sorry for my ignorance but I always felt that if I did not ask even the dumbest of questions, I'll never be sure of the answer I'm looking for.
On or about your person doesn't actually exist. :mad: The actual law on concealed carry required it to be on your person and covered by clothing. However an opinion from the SC AG said that it "should" include about your person which was actually intended to mean a ladies purse but does include other thing. The LEO of SC have been instructed to interpret the law of concealed to include your immediate area. I often lay my gun on the seat beside me and cover it with something. This has not made it to any court that I know of so whether the AG opinion would hold up or not would be up to the prosecutor and judge.

Laying it in the back seat would not be covered in interpretation of the laws that I know of. At the same time I doubt that you would ever have any problems with that type of carry. Every LEO in SC I have ever discussed this with has said as long as you behave yourself thet don't care. :pleasantry:
Thank you very much FN1910. I appreciate your patience with me and your very instructive answers to my last questions. I find it a little difficult to CC in my pocket while in car and it certainly is not an easy way to be able to get to your pistol if, god forbid, you need it immediately--say a carjacking episode that is starting to happen. Several of us go to a gun range in one fellow's truck that does not have an external storage bin, only the flatbed and, as I mentioned, we just put our cases in the back next to the guys sitting there. Nice to at least have a "feel" for what is probably an OK position from someone like yourself, who certainly seems very knowledgeable and experienced in CC. Thanks again
In SC for a vehicle that does not have a trunk (SUV, Pickup) the rearmost area behind the seating area is considered the trunk. For instance in a SUV behind the 3rd seat if it has one and up or 2nd row if no 3rd row seat. In a pickup I seriously doubt that anyone is going to make a big deal of it not being behind that 2nd row seat rather than on it. One Sheriff told me to get a hunting/fishing license and just tell them that you were on your way hunting/fishing if they asked. :biggrin:

SC does not allow OC but otherwise is about the most pro 2A state in the nation. That same Sheriff told me that he suspected that at least 50% of all men over 60 in his county carried a gun on them all the time with or without a permit. Yes he is a County Sheriff, not deputy. :pleasantry:
Try this site: Link Removed It should provide answers to SC as well as other states. There is also a good book you can buy: South Carolina Gun Law...go to: I have the book and it is excellent...You can order from the site.

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