Save $10 When Joining or Renewing Your NRA Membership And Support USA Carry Too!

Fondis, They used to have a family rate that gave membership for a couple, but only one magazine. I just browsed their site but didn't see anything about it.
You can try sending an e-mail to [email protected]

Thanks Wolfhunter. I sent them an email, hopefully they'll answer soon.

I was able to get my husband a $10 Associates Membership. He doesn't get voting rites or a magazine, but who cares?!:pleasantry:

Glad for you. I have known couples that opted for two full memberships just so they could get both American Rifleman and American Hunter magazines.
I've been a life member for quite sometime now, and I used to get all three NRA magazines; American Rifleman, American Hunter, and Freedom First. Now I only the Freedom magazine. When I called about it in 2007 I was told my subscriptions expired??? :fie:
I was a lost Life Member.
When I was found, they started sending me the little boys mag. It took nearly a year of "Hello, I'm not 13 anymore..." to finally get them to send me the AR.
But, they are sending it.
Thanks for the reminder Lukem, I resigned on line following your link

At first read, I thought Doug had resigned from the NRA. Then I realized he really meant renewed (re-signed). Missing that little hyphen sure puts a different spin on things, doesn't it? :eek:
This is definitely a good deal with joining NRA and USA Carry.. a lot of information out there for people to learn about the legal and proper way to carry concealed handguns..

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