Public Ranges, In Texas, Where Anyone Can Shoot!!


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I think we need a list of public ranges, where without membership, and giving up a few dollars for range fees, anyone can shoot their guns.

I travel to Houston on business quite often and always stop by either American Shooting Centers in Katy or go by the Pasadena Gun Center if I am on that side of town. I hear there are a couple on the north side of town, but I have not made it to them as of yet.

I also travel to Corpus Christi on business from time to time and stop in at the Sharp Shooter.

How about you??? Where do you go to shoot that others may also go without being a member???


Moderators....I also think this list would be a great Sticky Item in the Texas Forum.

Winchester Gun Range

In Dallas Winchester Gun Range. Outdoor Range.

They have Rifle both big bore and small bore, pistol 25 yards and close quarter silhouette.

Bass Pro Shops has pistol range, as does Cabela's in Ft Worth, there are also others. :cool:
There are a number of ranges in Ft. Worth. Elk Castle on I30, On Target between Ft. Worth and Cresson, Alpine Range(out doors) on Shelby Road,Winchester Gallery on Lancaster, The Shooters Club on NE 28th St. These are the ones that I know about.
The Bullet Hole and Texas Thunder Range are 2 in San Antonio. Thunder Range is indoor and you must buy their ammo.
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In Ft. Worth, Elk Castle, Alpine, and between Ft. Worth and Granbury is On Target. There are several others also but can't remember at the moment. Perhaps someone else can add to the list.
On my back lot.
I can get about 178 yards out of it.It aint fancy,but for a few bucks I'll let y'll come and play.And the neighbors don't complain either.
Try to skip the Eastex Gun Range at US 59 (Eastex FW) at Hopper in the north Houston area. It is in a deplorable state of disrepair. Only one side of the lanes is open. The morning guy is a chain smoker and when you enter, you have to feel around for the counter, I am only half joking, there is no ventilation and it does get very hazy with the cigarette smoke.

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