Prvi Partizan

What do you guys think of this brand of ammo? I know that it is one of the oldest manufacturers of ammo, however how does it work through AR-15 type rifles? I have 400 rounds of this for my bushmaster and want to make sure I am not gonna run crap through it. Is this really cheap ammo (not price wise I mean)?

Here is a pic of the ammo I found online:

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Thanks guys!


bought a few small boxes of .303 british. It came in nice boxes, it wasn't bulk. I haven't fired any yet, so cannot comment..but it appeared to be decent quality.
I like this stuff. It's accurate and both of my .223 rifles eat it up. I ran about 300 rounds through my AR15 in a rifle class at Front Sight with zero problems. The rifle didn't get near as dirty as when running Wolf ammo. I will be ordering more. I got it from Wideners.
I've never actually shot the factory rounds but I have a mess of the brass that I reload. All the reloads have functioned fine.

Only thing that I hate about them is removing the primer crimp before I can seat a new primer.
Excellent ammo, it shoots very good in all my different cal. rifles. I reload all my own ammo but I still buy a few boxes or so ever month since it's cheap. A guy can't have to much good shooting ammo!!
I've never shot their rifle ammo but I've used their pistol ammo numerous times. 100% reliable and non-corrosive. On the down side, it is without question the dirtiest ammo I've ever used (and that includes Wolf). That doesn't bother me too much since I clean my guns after every use. I'll continue to buy and use Prvi whenever I see a good deal on it.
I bought some off an internet auction a couple of years ago. Guy advertised it as "223 Remington match 69 grain". Well it said that on the front of the box but that was just the caliber designation. It was really PPU but on the upside, it shoots fine in 1 in 8" or faster barrels and doesn't seem too dirty. Maybe not on par with Black Hills match grade but @11/20, it's not all that bad.

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