Protester (Libertarian) With Gun Outside Obama Town


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A Libertarian showed up at Obama's Town Hall meeting today - Open carrying (which is legal in New Hampshire) MSNBC takes note!

The man was carrying a Link Removed: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

Website with video..

THIS is NOT the guy you need to worry about..

Shout out to the Live Free or Die State!!! Go NH! I love how those two on MSNBC were completely frazzled :sarcastic: by this Patriotic American exercising his 2A rights! Excellent post....thank you! By the way, I'm a UNH Grad Class of 1988. I live in MA, have my Class A LTC, as well as my NH Non-Res permit.

“I can’t understand why they’re waiting for the President to arrive! This guy should be removed from the street now!"

It’s called freedom dumb ass! Perhaps you should use some of that “journalistic curiosity” you’re supposed to have and go do some research on the matter.

State run media… bunch of bloomin' idiots!!
LOVE IT!!! A law abiding citizen exercising his 2A right... Some of the liberals and socialists felt threatened! Saying it was an intimidation tactic!! :lol:
Wow he held his ground quite nicely!! Man the pmsnbc guys squeal and cry worse that my daughter when she sees a bug.:bad:
Some of you might want to join up on Huffington Post. Great discussion about this incident, the growing militia movement, toxic assets and healthcare.

My recent post on this guy there:

There is no "argument to carry", as this incident so correctly illustrates. He's exercising his rights and, OMG, the police and government are powerless to stop him! The founding fathers would be VERY proud at this moment.
"Apparently not a law officer, but a civilian." Typical "we" vs. "them" attitude. I thought they were all civilians. :mad:
Hmmm, if it had been me I think a regular belt rig would have been a wiser choice than a tactical one. Also, where are all those other OC guys in NH who make the videos?

Numbers would have made a stronger point.
My thoughts exactly!! What if a couple hundred people showed up wearing sidearms??? Would have been fantastic!!
My thoughts exactly!! What if a couple hundred people showed up wearing sidearms??? Would have been fantastic!!

See the other thread in 2A about today's Townhall event in AZ where as many as 15 people showed up OC'ing, at least 2 with AR's.

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