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Just completed this past weekend my NRA Protection Out of the Home course. Took the Inside Home last month. I just wanted to say, I'm glad I took both classes, they were both well worth it. If any of You who have not taken a course for Any firearm safety....You should. Now I'm just waiting for that $100. for one year CCW license for MA.! :boom06:....ouch!

I am sure it was money and time well spent. There is no such thing as having to much knowledge.
How did you like the classes? I am looking at taking them both as well as basic hand gun then taking the test to become a NRA instructor. Could you tell me more about the classes i am looking for a indepth review of them. I have read the class list that tells the basic overlay. But i am looking for more then that like was it a help? what did they teach you? It says self defense armed and unarmed could you tell me more about that? I am looking at taking some class's at the SIG academy or at the us shooting academy. The thing that sucks is there are no class's around my area i want to find some one who can do the classes around my area and not have to drive a hour. I also need to find some one that could hold class on the weekend. Think the cost was around like 250 for them all. But i would really like to know more about what kind of unarmed self defense they teach you as my two biggest fears are some one taking my gun from me or having to use it to defend my self in a real life action other then on the range or training. As i just put in my permit last week and do not have my hand gun yet i am not carrying it. But when i get my M&P i am going to take the classes right now i carry a TDI Ka-bar knife and a OC baton on my key chain. Not every situation calls for pulling a gun or knife but you still need to defend and get away the OC works great. On top of every thing else there are no ranges around my area so i cant shoot my gun. I look forward to hearing back from you.
You didn't say where in NH you are from. The "In The Home Protection" class I took was in Manchester.......Manchester Firing Line- 603.668.9015. Go to their website (search Manchester Firing Line), then "CLASSES" and you will find ALL the info right there. Weekend class was I think 5 hrs Saturday classroom and 7 hrs Sunday firing range (indoor). You get a NRA certificate and also a certificate for MA. that is acceptable IF you choose to get a LTC in MA. The classroom is video's and discussion; things you should know in cituations etc. The range is shooting at different distances for different cituations etc. How to store your weapon/s with or without children in the home. Knowing your home for defense tactics, like where to take cover; safe room in the house for the family if something should arise. SOME laws (up to YOU to check the Laws in your state). Knowing your surroundings etc. I'm not going to get into much otherwise I can write a book.
The "Out Of Home" was at Manchester/Candia Gun Club. Pretty much cituations out of the home and what you can do to AVOID and confront confrontations. Classroom discussion. Range (indoor) was more involved with stances, distances, lighting, blind sighting, concealment, holstering, surroundings and AWARENESS. Certificate also from the NRA.
Go to the NRA website and I think there is an area where you can put in your zip and it will give a list of Courses in that area. I've been shooting for just over a year and taking the classes was the best thing for me. You need to be AWARE of all your surroundings in your daily life if You choose to carry outside the home. No one wants to get into a cituation, that's why when you see a cituation, walk the other way safely IF you can. I'm not a proffesional here, but I'm just giving you some basic things I learned that made a change in some of the things I do day to day. I carry my weapon with me everyday when I leave the house. And last but not least, PRACTICE! The NRA site will give you gun clubs in that area also. Sorry I didn't answer all your questions, but I'm sure you'll find the answers. Good luck!
Also adding...............I just realized you said there are no clubs in your area unless you drive an hour or so. That can be a problem. Can you make a "reasonable" size range in your back yard; OR post on this forum or another that you're looking for a range that is close in your area. MAYBE someone is close to you that has their own range and will let you shoot there to practice?? As far as a course, if you have to drive an hour or so, I would do it with no hesitations. It's one weekend out of your LIFE.
SIG academy....Hookset??? Manchester Firing Line has the Indoor range that is open to the public.
Yeah, I am looking at taking 3 of them, Basic hand gun, In the home protection, As well as out of the home Protection. Then i am looking to study and take the NRA instructor test for all 3 of the class's, In/out of home and basic hand gun. So i can teach them in my area. Yeah i found a gun club in Manchester wilsonhill gun club or some thing like that. they have all 3 of the class's for around 300 i think. I found some around here down by Keene. I live in Claremont,nh, about a hour and half to 2 hours from Manchester. It's in the middle of west Leb and Keene. I cant shoot in my back yard as i have none i live in the city. They sound like vary good class's to take. There may be a range in Newport Strum Ruger has there factory there and i think they have a gun range/gun club (outside)i will look into it more.
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These classes do cost some $. So, be prepared. I'm pretty sure you have to take the"Basic Gun" course first before taking the "Out Of The Home" course. The "In The Home" you do not, according to Manchester Firing Line' Website. When I took the "Out Of The Home", I looked around for "other" clubs and found the one in Manchester/Candia much cheaper than the Firing Line. Funny, there were only two of us taking that couse at the club. Stock up on ammo too. I make it habit, everytime I go to WallyWorld Mart I'll pickup a box of WWB 9mm's. The price is right if I'm plinking out back.
Yeah i see what you mean about the firing line. Other places have the same course for 100 to 80 and they have it for 125 lol rip off. But any way i found all 3 of them for 250. 105 for PPOTH,80 for PPISTH,65 for BP. I think i am going to go with that.

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