Not good....

Hell of a way to get them suspects to stop and cooperate. :duimomlaag:

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Darn police guns are firing by themselves again. :eek: Accident? I know of one guy who doesn't think so.....


That sucks for everybody...The teens, the PD, the officer who shot, and us. Your title says it all: Not Good...

Probably be used as fuel for the anti's.
I do realize this could possibly happen, but it sounds a little strange to me. Okay, he is getting out of the car, his gun goes off, and shoots both of the teens with one bullet. Kind of hard to believe as reported.
Only in Maryland,,,,,,,,,,,,, explanes it all DrDavid, I lived in MD for 2 years, strange things happen in MD..No offence to anyone in MD, its just the truth..................
It would be nice to hear more detail of this incident. We all know guns just don't go off by themselves. I would guess the cop had already drawn down on the suspects, they made some kind of movement causing the officer to get a little jumpy, and he accidentally pulled the trigger.

Either way sucks for everyone involved.

Also kind of curious what caliber and round the officer was using. It went through the torso of one suspect and into the arm of the other. That’s some penetration.
What about finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. Sounds a little like the video we have all seen of the woman police officers gun firing and almost hitting the suspect and another officer on the ground.
Looks like it could be possible for "Barney Fife" to do some damage with the one round Sheriff Andy let him keep in his pocket. Where's "Mayberry" now??? :wink:

Cop Shoots Teens

Sounds a bit fishy to me?
Where was his trigger finger?
Where was his gun?
Who was he aiming at?
Why was his hand on the gun?
How in the world did his undercover gun shoot the teens when if it "accidentally" went off it probably should have sent him to the hospital with a slug in the leg?

Something doesn't add up, or some people are not telling all.

Still sounds fishy to me, I think we all would like a more in depth and honest report of this incident.
Yea --how the heck does that happen? Finger on trigger? not holstered properly?
I got a feeling that this officer might be looking for a new gig real soon
I really like the DEA agent shooting himself in the foot video. Quick promote him before he hurts someone
We had another incident about a year or two back in Spokane at a Costco store. The media said a person with a concealed firearm had an accidental/negligent discharge while using the toilet. Well come to find out from some of my fellow Marines who have friends on the force it was a off duty cop! Yep that never made it into the news. We got blamed for another Barney Fife.

Keep your booger hook off the bang switch!

I really like the DEA agent shooting himself in the foot video. Quick promote him before he hurts someone

What really made that good was the statement he made just before shooting himself. "I am the only one in here as far as I know that is qualified to handle this Glock 40".
Wasn't MD the place that made such a hi profile of how safe their guns were going to be that during the press conference when they were issued, the Governor couldn't get one to function? This was back in the Clinton years, if memory serves me...

Maybe it was one of those firearms...:sly:
accidentally fired huh???

Sounds like a barney fife with a magic bullet. Reminds me of an officer who shot through his car door at the range. He was decocking his gun inside his vehicle before leaving. Turns out his figure likes to twitch in when he bends the thumb to decock. With the finger being within the trigger guard the rest is history. Fingers out please, and watch that shirts, "padlocks", and other stuff don't get into the trigger guard during holstering.
Well, clearly this is justification for only allowing law enforcement to carry guns. I mean, what would we do without cops who accidentally fire magic bullets that make a right-angle turn and go through two people being questioned? :confused22:
where can I find some of these magic bullets? does federal make any? are they only available to leos?
Maybe they're some of those saw-toothed "extreme blaster anti-terrorist" things we saw a while back.

Fires through holsters without destroying holsters or feet! Travels around corners! Controlled overpenetration to hit dangerous teenagers standing near each other! Order NOW and get FREE...FREE...FREE "I shot the President, and also managed to hit the governor of Texas and James Tague with some fragments" bumper sticker!
You can buy magic bullets at the same place I buy stealth bullets. They sell them at acme, you know where Wiley buys his toys. I use stealth bullets at the range all the time. They are invisibile to visible light and paper. Therefore, you cannot always see them hit the paper targets. But trust me, I hit dead center every time. :)

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