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Just need to share. Last night I was at the Grand Masters Reception. After we all had are meal, which was out standing by the way, and all the awards were handed out the president gets up and starts to honor the Grand Master. He starts out by tell us about the Grand Masters military background and what he had done. After which he presented him with a gold inlayed M1 Grand. You had to see this gun it was the most beautiful peace I have ever seen. The Grand Master was speechless and everyone could not believe how nice the gun looked. Not one person had a bad word to say. This set me back some as most of the time there is someone that freaks out when a gun is in the room. Thanks for letting me share.

Wow sounds very nice! You know I bet your son would love to have a nice M1 Garand for Christmas! :sly:
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That sounds like a very nice award. I wish I could win one of those. I would have love to have seen it. I currently have a lovely mental picture. It looks really nice in my head.
This rifle was custom engraved by one of are members and the gunsmith was done by Rodosey here in Ohio also a member. There is only one like it. If I can get some pictures I will share them.
I know my dad also wants a M1 Grand. I'd eventually like to be able to get him one for Christmas or something. That or a WW2 Tommy Gun which he also wants. That would be great.

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