How many CCW Mag would you carry??


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The reeason I mention this is because by using the anti's terms you legitimize their argument. Your magazines are standard capacity

No, that is not true. Many weapons ship with two types of magazines, and the manufactures themselves (who are far from anti-gun) call the higher round count magazines "high capacity". The Browning "Hi-Power" was originally called such not because it fires a higher powered cartridge (it did not), but because of the high round count of its magazine, and this was long before the anti-gunners fixation on round count. I would bet if you looked into the matter, you would find that "high capacity" was used by shooters and the industry long before the anti-gunners got hold of the idea. I have been shooting for more than 30 years, and weapons like the Hi-Power and S&W 59 were called "high capacity" by me and other shooters long before the bans of the 1990s. Something has to exist before it can be banned. Nobody legitimizes the anti-gunners argument by calling something the name it has been called by everyone before the anti-gunner figured out a way to ban it.


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Usual carry is Colt combat commander that I do not own, but if I did I carry one mag in gun, one in pipe and two spare mags. If I carry the Para-13 I don't own I carry one mag in gun, one in pipe and two spare mags.

Interesting that you do not own either of your carry guns, why?

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Well.... I originally said 1. A lot of you have been saying 2 minimum due to mechanical failure possibilities.

I took my Colt Mustang .380 into the range yesterday and stopped in the shop. Talked to an employee that has one too.

As Ive mentioned before, I've had issues with this thing when it chambers and with it not firing when the hammer falls. Boom.. Boom.. Click..

I was thinking about this thread and looking for a holster to carry another mag. Glad I talk alot... they also had new magazine fot it. I was comparing the two and something was different. The part that the bullets sits on while being pressed against the top if the magazine when loaded was different.

It ended up that the bullets were not tipping nose up in this magazine like they should. I was carrying around a mechanical failure the whole time.

$29 for the new one with 2 more on order.


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One 13 round mag in the gun. One in the pipe. One more 13 round mag in the belt. 27 rounds, 2 mags in case of a jam. Goldilocks style: not too much not too little...just right :D


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Although, the Hi-Cap is what it is the Hi-Cap magazine and in Arizona they are very legal. My Springfield XD 9, and EAA Tanfoglio 9 came with two 16 round magazines. So even though I agree, there is no real standard here in Arizona.


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I carry two 9mm mags containing 19 each, 1 shorter mag in the gun containing 13, + 1 in the pipe. that gives me 52 for the bad guys. Why? what if there are 3 bad guys and the each have 20 rounds?....oops...I guess I better carry more mags or be a better shot that they are or I will be throwing my gun at them.

Pinnacle Safety

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EDC I carry 2 extras .45 cal I personally feel safer that way though if im going somewhere formal Ill carry my 380 and 1 extra mag in my pocket


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I have to preface this by saying I'm 6'4" and 230 lbs, so carrying weight is not really an issue. Primary carry: Browning Hi-power, 13 rounds Frangible (Glaser Safety Slug), 2 13-round magazines loaded with Hornady Critical defense in a dual belt magazine holder, 2 13-round magazines loaded with winchester 147gr flat nose in a second dual belt magazine holder. All are original Browning magazines for feed reliability. Total of 65 rounds. Backup is a Taurus TCP in an ankle holster.


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It depends which gun(s) I'm carrying, and where I'm going. If it's the SW9VE, one extra mag is plenty (34+1). If it's the PF-9, two extras (21+1). If it's the Rossi 462, two speed loaders (18). And no matter which of the three is on my belt, the 85UL in my pocket will have one extra (10). So, normally I've got between 28 & 45 rounds.

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Have you ever fired a round and got a FTF? I've watched people whose mags lost the baseplate and ejected all of their rounds, spring, and follower WITHOUT the shooter noticing until it Failed To Fire. YMMV

Never with any gun I owned or the Marine Corps "loaned" me. I suppose it is an offshoot of proper care and maintenance.

... and the shooter NEVER noticed? Now THAT'S what I call "situational awareness"! LOL! :sarcastic:


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Wait, I lied (unintentionally). A couple of years ago I found that the last round in one of my mags for a little .25 cal pocket pistol I purchased back in '80 did a nose dive back into the mag every time I tried to fire with it. After certain efforts to remedy the problem with that mag, to no avail, I just chucked the turkey and was lucky enough to find a replacement at a gun show.

ASIDE from that one instance, my original post stands. (Embarrassment!)

(Never could understand why that mag and not any others. I could detect absolutely NO difference in any of them. In fact, the last time I tried to fire it at the range, I had to mark the defective one, being indisinguishable from the other two otherwise.)


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