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  • Hi, my name is Joe and I just read your post on how to get your carry/conceal. I live in Erie county also and have had my target and hunting permit for just about over a year now and really want my carry/conceal. I would appreciate any information you have that would help me. Thank you very much.
    Hey Jamie,
    I would be glad to help you obtain your Unrestricted Petmit.The best way to explain the procedure, Is for you to call me.
    My number is 716-796-5371 you can call me anytime after 4pm, any day of the week,or weekends. Looking forward to hearing from you.My name is Jim.
    My name is Jamie Cook. I reside in the Town of Tonawanda and the County of Erie. I had my pistol permit issued 5/2007 and applied for my upgrade to carry in 2009. I was turned down. My sister and brother in law and a buddy have all had their licenses for over 5 years and also filed for upgrades in 2009 and theirs were honored. I saw in a earlier post that you may have some information pertaining to getting a permit status upgrade and I'm writing to inquire about this. I am a 52 year old white male, never been in trouble with the law and feel that its my right to be able to carry? Your thoughts? Thank you for your time,
    Thank You very much for the Information on uploading photos. I could'nt ask for an better season than with my kids
    I had to make an account at and upload them to there and then post the link on here. Hope this helps. Congrats on a good season. Nothing like seeing your kids succeed in the hunting fields.
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