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  • ok, got it.

    So if you are in Arizona and you want a good rifle in .308 I recommend the Ruger scout, it is a reliable firle. Also recommend the Sprinfield M1A, it is heavy. or if you can get an M14 if you are able to for the 7.62 caliber.
    and AK will work very well. all of them will work at ranges over 300yds.
    on the Ka platform you can probably go with Arsenal or Century Arms.
    Becareful of the parts bin AKs.

    Also if you want to get on the light side of rifles you can probably get a Rock River Arms in 5.56 good up to 300yds.

    the Sig 516 or 556 is also a very good rifle in a desert environment.
    recommend also that you dress it up in some earth colors.

    good luck.
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