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I am looking for a 9mm pistol for my wife to keep at home (this particular pistol will not be OC nor CC). I realize this is rather subjective and she needs to "try them on for size". But, I am looking for suggestions to help her get started.


I have a Glock 19 also. My favorite of all my guns is my HK however when you consider price, reliability, ease of operation etc. the Glock is a good choice. Go to a gun store that carries a lot of different kinds of hand guns or a gun show. Let her try racking the slide. No matter how good a firearm you have if she has a problem operating it it will do her no good.
try a baby desert eagle. they are great pistols and the grip is very comfortable. my wife loves mine and she thinks she is going to make it her's:)
I agree with NavyLT with regard to a "heavy" (i.e. steel frame) dedicated house gun. A compact, polymer frame weapon is (generally) going to have a higher recoil and more difficult return to target. Since she is not concerned with carrying the primary factors would be accuracy for the knock-down rather than short barrelled and lightweight. Of course, securing the weapon in a reasonably accessible place may factor into the size requirement.

Re: Baby Desert Eagle - I thought they were only available in .40, not 9mm.

Lately I have been considering the tactical carbines and shotguns instead of the traditional "house gun" form factor. More accuracy, up to 20 rounds and a form factor which makes light and red dot options a bit more realistic.
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I guess I'll have to ring in and say that the S&W M&P 9 (full size or compact) are worth a look.
Thanks everyone, I appreciate the input. Now I just have to find some of these guns so she can try them on for size. That may prove a challenge.
My wife absolutely loves the XDm-9 with the small back strap installed in the grip. Fits her hand very well and holds 19+1. I also have a TLR-2 light/laser on it.
I will agree that larger more heavy gun will have a little less recoil and if as you say you are positive it will never be called on for a carry gun then that might be the way to go. If there is any chance at all however that she may need to use it for a concealed carry gun then I would go with a small lighter gun. The recoil factor can be over come with practice. The weight and size will be there forever.
I am leaning toward a 9mm because that would result in only one type of ammo in the house, since mine is also a 9mm. Just trying to keep it simple and somewhat inexpensive....though that is becoming an issue lately too.

A revolver is much simpler to use, and if that is the direction she goes, so be it. But, she has a fairly strong interest in guns in general, and does enjoy shooting. So, any concern about practicing with a semi- is not really a problem...finding time could be.

So, my 2 main concerns at this point are proper fit for her and minimal recoil. If it kicks too hard she may loose interest in practicing, and that will not help. So, the heavier gun sounds like the best option, providing it fits her comfortably.

While we live in Delaware, she works and travels a lot in Maryland. It is nearly impossible to legally carry a handgun in Maryland, so the chances of her carrying is nearly 0%.

In the end, it is her decision and hers alone. I'm just trying to get an idea as to what is out there since I am new to this and really don't have a clue.

Thanks for everyones help, I do appreciate it.
$$$ issue

If money is an issue look for a used Ruger P94 or P95 in 9mm. They are polymer framed, but still built like a tank. Basically no recoil due to the weight. The P95 has a decocker, but no external safety so it is point and click(bang). My neighbor has the P94(with safety) and I have the P95. I keep the P95 stashed in the house for the wife with a 22 round mag.
You can find these used in stainless for $250-350. Ruger will fix any problem free (minus shipping) unless you messed with the gun. But be prepared to wait 6 weeks.
Berreta 92FS or Taurus PT92. Heavy frame makes for very little recoil and the PT92 has 17+1 capacity.

I used this same logic when shopping for a gun for my GF. This heavy gun has a light recoil spring, thereby easier to rack the slide. But, the grip is very thick and she was not totally comfortable with the trigger reach.

I bought one for her, but agreed to keep it for myself should we find something else she liked better.

That, we did. We found a Taurus PT 24/7 PRO at a gun show. It fits her hand much better and has a shorter trigger reach. I bought it. It's lighter and recoils more, but the change in fit way more than compensated for that. She is very happy with the purchase. She feels very good with it and shoots it well.

I ended up with the PT92 and love it. I wasn't going to get a gun, but I now have one and am glad I do.
Find a range where they rent and try out several types and see which ones she likes best. Go from there. Try the Glock 19, simple with DOA trigger and no levers to fumble with. Kinda like a revolver but with a lot more firepower. Also, try the Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson M&P series, Walther PPS, etc... If you can't find a range that will let you rent and try out various handguns, at least let her hold several of them. Then she can determine which feels best in her hand, i.e grip, weight, etc...
Take a look at the Sig Sauer P250. The different grip sizes and availability of 4 calibers makes it very versatile and allows for future expansion of your collection. I have the 9mm and love it and most of the women I know have said that it fits their hand well. Just my $.02.

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