Happy B-day lukemccoy


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I just noticed the today's birthdays section and saw it was Luke's Birthday!

Happy Birthday Luke! Hope you have a great one. Sounds like a good excuse to buy yourself a nice new pistol!

Happy birthday Luke. How young are you, or do you wish to share that information? And I agree it is a good excuse to by a new gun. Of course any excuse is a good excuse
I'm just seeing this. Thanks everyone! I've been busier in Tampa than I thought I would be but things should be settling down soon. I need to spend more time on the site and have some updates that are coming out soon.

I just turned 29 for anyone that asked.

Today I've been helping out build a deck in my new backyard!

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Happy belated birthday Luke, I hope Florida is working out great for you. You must be getting old,,,, you just passed 1/2 of my age.

spc :)
Nice picture, Luke. Are you the one leaning on the shovel, using the shovel, or the one that looks like he is about to sit on a stake? (lol)

Btw, are those red targets on the fence posts?

Glad you are getting settled in ok.
Yea, 1 year away from 30! I'm getting there haha.

And I actually the one taking the camera.

:D at the targets but those were just drinks.

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