FNG and a poll!

Part Time CC Sig 229, or get a separate carry weapon?

  • SIG will do for 1 - 2 hours a week

    Votes: 25 62.5%
  • Get a specific carry weapon, the SIG will be too big

    Votes: 15 37.5%

  • Total voters


Hey Guys and Gals!

This is my first post here, been lurking around a bunch yesterday gathering some information. I dont plan on carrying full time, but I am a part time resident manager for an apartment building and show units to prospective tenants... most of them are clean cut nice prospective tenants, but some are less than savory. Im not a small guy, 5'9" 215 wrestler type, but it would be comforting to have some "backup" when i am alone in an emtpy apartment with someone, or some people, I have never met before.

Some other info about me that is affecting my thought process. I am applying to the US Coast Guard OCS, to become an Officer. I really like glocks, from my range experiences, but I was thinking I should get a SIG 229, same as I will be shooting in the service.

So for limited concealed carry, 1 - 2 hours a week, where I will only be standing up, not moving around alot, should I get a separate carry weapon, or would CC a 229 IWB work out?

-Sorry for the long 1st post... :fie:

The Sig229 will be fine for that limited carry. Although, once you start carrying, you'll realize you need to carry everywhere. I carry an XD service with a full size grip and 4" barrel. I have no problem concealing it with a Crossbreed Supertuck IWB. The Supertuck will hide the Sig 229 quite nicely, I'm sure.
I don't see a lot of problems with the Sig. I have a 225 that I carried for a couple of years. I think it all depends on how, where your are planning to carry and what type of clothing you will be wearing.
I carry a Glock 21 in a Crossbreed Super Tuck IWB. Have worn it for as long as 18 - 20 hours. Very comfortable. I am 5' 7" and about 190 LBS.
I have a Sig P229 and it's my main carry piece. I take it everywhere that I can, whether it's in a Galco Royal Guard IWB holster, 5.11 holster shirt, a Roma Leather vest or a Maxpedition Jumbo bag.

I picked the 1-2 hour option in the poll, but a 229 is good to go full time.
With a good holster/belt, the SIG P-229 is good to go for 24/7 carry.

SIG P-229 (.357SIG) is the standard issue for US Secret Service and they don't seem to have a problem carrying it concealed. :biggrin:
I think the poll should have had another option on carrying a SIG-229 full time instead of part time. I own a 229 and have found that it is a great full time CCW.
Sig for full-time CCW

I carry a SIG P220 all the time for CCW. If not the 220 then either my P226 .40 or my 225 9mm. All of these have one thing in common. They are great for CCW. My holsters are a Supertuck IWB, MTAC IWB, and Galco Cop series for OWB. In your job I recommend full-time CCW. For your life and family, I highly recommend full-time CCW. Have and not need is nice:man_in_love:, need and not have it is deadly.:hang3:
I voted that the Sig will do.

Just curious though, if you do find it to be uncomfortable, is OC out of the question?
Whenever I'm CC, which is a lot, I carry a full-size 1911 in a Supertuck and have never felt more comfortable with 3lbs of steel and lead on my hip
I dont think I would OC to Unit showings... I think it might discourage some potential tenants.

I am starting to look also at the Glock 19.

I can always ALSO get a sig later :)
oh, i am also looking at the G 23 as well... trying to decide between .40 and 9mm. I like .40 for defense, but 9mm for the range.
I have a Sig 22LR and my hubby says it will stop a person.

Haven't shot it yet.

The reason being is after I bought it I had open heart surgery and haven't really felt like shooting.

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