Every Day Carry..... What Do You Carry?


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Here is what I need every day before I leave the house.
Left to right, top to bottom.
My wallet, Remora clip-less holster (my favorite holster),
Taurus PT1911, Gerber Dime, Spyderco Tenacious, and
an extra mag.

What is everyone else's E.D.C?

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Sorry no pic. Ruger SR9c, extra mag, crossbreed supertuck, cheap folding knife (found in parking lot, saving for a good knife), small 9 led flashlight.

Jay Pearson

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Every morning... My Wallet ( has my pistol permit and ID,)If i am open carrying my Don Hume holster with thumb break if concealed my IWB/ OWB belt loop holster, My Ruger SR9C with it's 10 + 1, and spare 17 rd magazine, and 2 pocket knives.. 1 in each front pocket to make sure i can always reach one...


Ah Mellophonium. You sounds just about like me! Cheap knife and all. I end up losing knives for some reason. Not going to carry good ones to work to be lost or broken :)


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i have some cheap switch blades and a small folding knife but am looking for a good tactical knife but wow the prices for a knife !!!!!!! also looking for a good tactical flashlight but again the prices are outrageous for stuff like that
i'm still hoping to win the great giveaway this forum is sponsoring and the gun, holster and belt would be my edc for sure. my permit or license is supposed to arrive sometime this week i was told by the state so i'm not carrying anything yet

btw welcome huntnsteve ! i see you are new to the forum here nice edc you have too ..whatever it takes to work for you ..i know that's right if you have to fight for your right to live unharmed and maimed but some brute street thug out to try you......
best wishes always


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Ok,here's what I carry everday. M&P Shield with a iwb galco. Xtra mag.A pen. A good Buck knife which I onced used to cut thru a seabelt. A small flashlight and a flashdrive. A duty bag is close by with my glock 23 ,4 extra mags and a first aid kit and a couple energy bars....
Permit of course and my concealed carry badge...( joking on the badge)


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Thanks for the welcome eagleeyes. Its great to hear that your getting your permit soon, congratulations on that. And thanks Pestcontrol02 I love my 1911, its a great gun.


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XDm 45 3.8 with extra 13 round mag, galco iwb holster, kershaw folding knife, S&W tactical pen, a dummy wallet (the black one) with expired credit cards or credit cards no longer used, and my money clip/credit card holder.


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I have several carry guns and it depends on how I feel when I get up in the morning. Lately my EDC has been my SR9c


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Depends on dress for the day which for which gun I carry. Wallet with all permits/spare mag/pocket knife/cell phone.


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Glock 36 in a crossbreed or stealth holster depending on what type of pants I am wearing. Of course wallet with ID and CWL and spring loaded folding knife I got at a local gun show.


Every day carry? A brace of Glock 26's.. one open carry the other as a BUG plus some covert video+audio recorders. I do not carry a knife of any kind... not even a multi tool that has a blade in it.

A word of caution about knives to anyone in Michigan... Michigan "preemption" law (MCL 123.1102) says (paraphrased) that no municipality can enact or enforce any gun ordinances more strict than State gun laws so guns are safe from local gun bans/restrictions but.... it's a whole different story for knives because there isn't any knife "preemption" law.

So that means any city, county, township, town, whistle stop, can enact and enforce knife bans/ordinances more strict than State knife laws and jack you up for any blade of any size... even that jack knife your dad gave you when you were 8yrs old and carried in your pocket to clean your fingernails with ever since. And it is up to YOU to know what the knife ordinances are for where ever you happen to be... or are going to be.

Anyway that was just a FYI.... please return to the discussion.


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My everyday carry changes at times, but currently I'm carrying a Kahr PM9 9mm. It is a perfect size to fit IWB or even in your pocket. I prefer a larger round, but I'm quite happy with my PM9's performance.


Bullet Proof
S&W 6906 Bianchi holster
Spare Magazine
Buck 110 folder
Gerber multitool
Gerber Infinity Task light unless I know I'll be out after dark then Stream Light Skorpion
Timex Expedition
Cell phone

Sir Diealotz

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Wallet with CCDW licenses, Beretta 92FS holstered in one of three different types: galco concealed owb, galco shoulder rig or galco waist pack.


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Springfield Professional
Two spare Cobra Mags
Emerson CQC 11
Gerber fast draw
Fenix E21
Samsung Cell
Rolex Submariner

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