Drunk Trys To Envade Home


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You never know when it going to happen, Last night as I was laying in bed, around 10:15, My daughter came in my room, Said Dad someone ringing the door bell. So I got up, as I was going to the door,my daughter opened the door.. She screamed and shut the door really fast. I grabbed my Glock an went running, I heard a commotion at the back door leading to the garage...My son-in-law was trying to hold the door shut., I told him to move, and I jerked open the door ready to shoot... Boy was I shocked to see a Lady holding a dog, She was so so drunk, She was screaming that we stole her dog, and she had the dog in her arms... So after a cussing match, one of the neighbors led her home, The cops came, and we took out papers on her.. Her husband came and he was real nice, said he would pay for the door she dented,.. So Muf is grumpy today lol, it was almost 1am by the time I got into bed, 3 hr, past my bed time... We live in a quiet neighborhood things like this don't happen, just glad, and thankful I didn't have to shoot, but it was nerve racking any ways.. I guess my point is, be prepared for anything no matter where..........

Glad to here you and your daughter are o.K. We have a small covered front porch with iron bars and locked gate. So no one can get to the front door until it is opened. Also we have a wide angle peep hole in the door so we have a good idea who is out there before opening the door. You can't be to safe. In my neighboorhood I think I need a mote also.
I'm just glad you didn't shoot the old hag. Good looking out and other than the daughter opening the door, sounds like the kids did good.

well I found out, that No judge will sign off on her arrest, said she was drunk, and didn't know what she was doing, and her husband agreed to pay for the damages to the door.... If I had shot her, I would of been Justified,because she enter my home by force. I am glad I didn't though... In my mind, a forced entry into a home is just that, and should be just cause for arrest.. OH WELL life goes on.........
glad to hear everything went ok. nice that it was just a confused drunk and not a real bg. good for you for keeping your cool and not taking her out in the heat of the moment.
Glad you didn't shoot her or WPDE would have had you as their opening segment. You point out how dangerous it can be if people don't think a little before pulling the trigger. You may have well been legal but if I had done it I don't know if I could sleep at night.

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