Does anyone know of a list of Pro-Gun celebs?


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If there is such a list I would like to know of it.Anyone who knows anything about pro-gun celebs (this meaning anyone famous or well known),speak up!
I know of a few,like Kurt Russel and *sigh* Jeri Ryan.

Don't know of any lists, but I do know...
Tom Selleck (Las Vegas/Magnum PI), Jason Priestly (Beverly Hills 90210), Rick Shroder (NYPD Blue/Silver Spoons), John Schneider (Dukes of Hazzard) and John Millus (Red Dawn/Conan the Barbarian) are all NRA Life Memembers.
Man that is one interesting list! I find it rather hollow, that so many of Hollywoods celebs are anti's, (not really surprising), and yet I would be very surprised that their body guards would be unarmed. Could someone say "double standard"?
Good grief. I just looked at that list. I'm trying to think of any companies that weren't on it. It's very confusing. One interesting thing is that Aerosmith is on the list, yet some of the band members go shooting with Ted Nugent. It's very disheartening to know so many are against us.:(
One other thought about that list. Since all of us, at one time or another, have done business with these companies, I guess our names could be added to the list of people who have supported the anti-gun movement.

I feel dirty.:eek:
It should be noted here that this list was originated by the NRA and the companies listed may not be "direct" anti's but may have donated money or resources to an agency known to be anti. One such organization is the AARP, they are not anti by proclamation but have donated to known anti agencies.
I've heard Randy Travis, Kareem Abdul-Jabar (member of SASS), Karl Malone formerly of the Utah Jazz, John Elway, Kurt Russell, Drew Carey and Charleton Heston of course. Probably doesn't help the career of any young aspiring actors/actresses for them to openly speak a pro gun position, not that there would be any blacklisting in Hollywood . . .
i like how alot of the actors have made alot of their movies with guns and have armed body guards but we shouldn't have them!
wow Gateway Computers is on that list. I mean I wanted to shoot my gateway laptop before I read that. As if I needed another reason. I mean it really sucks! now all the more reason to set it up and use it as a target.
I agree with the earlier post

about those actors who make millions portraying parts which are violent or feature their prowess in the use of guns yet proudly proclaim their anti sentiments. I found it disappointing to see Costner, Damon M., Connery, Douglas M., Garcia, Hawke, Weaver Sigourney, Newman, Quaid D. and my all-time favorite hypocrite - Sheen M. Shame on you for selling your beliefs and principles when convenient and profitable. At least I can respect those who seem to practice what they preach.

And as for the Directors on the list, no wonder we see guns that don't need reloading, crazed lunatics who fire dozens of rounds without hitting anything and other really stupid things done with weapons (the A-Team comes to mind first, professional mercs with thousands of shots and explosions yet no one ever killed) - these guys really don't know how the dang contraptions work!

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