does anyone carry a sig 220 ?


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just curious if anyone carries a sig 220 on regular basis, and if so what holsters have you found to be comfortable and concealable. im a fan of IWB holster but would use a belt holster providing i could find one that would ride high enough that i can easily conceal it. Any thoughts?:)


I carry a P220 the majority of the time on my hip. I have a Dillon leather belt holster that works really well with and without concealment. I like it better than the molded holster that I have.

At other times, I carry a Sig P229, either in .40 or .357 Sig, in a sholder holster or on the same belt holster that I use for the P220. Fits well.
Mmmmm. A Sig P220. I've got a P220 Compact and have every intention of carrying it shortly. I'm looking at several methods depending on my situation: a Maxpedition Versipak, a Smart Carry and if they ever become available again, a Milt Sparks holster.
I carry a Ruger p345. Which I believe is about the same size. While I do not have the holster of my dreams right now, I am looking at a Crossbreed. It is a hybrid holster, part kydex, part leather. I am also looking at a K&D cochise defender. I have heard really good things about both. Both are also reasonably priced.
I mostly carry my 1911's now-a-days but have in the past and still occasionally carry my P-220 Carry and P-220 Elite Carry SS.

Every CCW I own has a Milt Sparks VersaMax-II holster. My preference is IWB for concealed carry and I have yet to find a better IWB holster than the VM-II! :cool:
Not sure how old this thread is, but yes, I carry a Sig P220 Carry in a Crossbreed Supertuck holster (IWB.) After researching and listening to the good folks here at USA Carry, I decided on the Supertuck, and I can't say I regret it. It is a comfortable holster that allows me to carry the Sig all day long with minimal discomfort (I say minimal discomfort because there is a little involved, but I guess that is to be expected when you put a couple of pounds of gun on your hip.) The Sig does print a little more readily than my Star PD carried in the same holster, but even so, if I'm careful in selecting my outer garment I can conceal the Sig using only a loose outer shirt for warm weather carry. So the Supertuck is a definite hit, and the Sig? Well, my signature says how I feel about them :biggrin:
I have a P220 SAO and so far, I've used a Blackhawk SERPA for it, and it's a good holster if clothing permits(winter carry). I have also been considering the CB Supertuck so I'm glad to see positive opinions of it.

Yes, I have carried a Sig P-220 in a Galco shoulder rig or a belt holster; but, I really find the .380 Sig P232 with Hornday Critical Defense ammo a lot easier to carry...I have Laser Grips on both guns. I think the .380 with that ammo will get the job done, but I know all the con's on that round...I think this ammo has changed the performance of the round significantly.
I carry the sig 229 sometimes when I cant Carry my 1911, I use the crossbreed super tuck, a little pricey buy for being a such a bulky gun on a small framed guy like me you cant tell at all. And the quality is amazing look into them.

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