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  • Ironhorse, I'm also a longtime gun nut. Just luv shooting and hunting and reloading, camping, motorcycling, etc. I'm a retired electrical contractor whose now working as a cabinet maker part-time for a shop that builds everything that goes into a Brown's Shoe Fit Store: checkout counter, displays, wall units, etc. If it's wood, (oak), we build it from scratch for the store, then go install it. Been to Minn, New Mexico, Neb. 82 stores in all. My wife and I have been looking at properties in the Cabool, Willow Springs, West Plains area for almost 3 years now. Just haven't found the right place yet. It has to be an acreage around 5-15 acres at the 'end of the road', so I can build a shooting range that won't bother anyone else. I'm a new member, March 2010, and check in on this site a couple times a week. Would like to hear from you again. Roger M.
    Hi. I am currently a security supervisor with the largest agency west of Charlotte, NC. I am also a retired pastor of 35 years. I thoroughly enjoy studying the effects the 2 ond ammendment has had on our society and how it has preserved our heritage these years til now. I am married and have 13 grandchildren and am teaching each one how to properly handle and use firearms. I also am a certified instructor for security for the State of NC. Just wanted to get started in this group. As Christians we need to keep up the faith and use the common sense that we have available. . Want more chat, just let me know.
    Hi, and thanks for stopping by! I'm a longtime gun nut (more than some, less than others) Who's mainly into target shooting with pistols - although I like to study various martial disciplines. I'm happily married and enjoy spoiling my grandson (and I have a granddaughter on the way! WOOHOO!) I love to talk about guns, and am educating myself more on 2nd amendment issues, now that we have this quasi socialist a$$clown as our sitting CinC. I'm a former Squid (fleet sailor) who grew tired of the Peoples Republic of California, and moved to South Central Missouri a few years back. Love it here! If you wanna know anything else, just ask!
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