Do YOU know where the USA is on a world map?

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There is a great little quiz National Geographic did a while back.

This is a little quiz of 20 simple questions that 18-24 year olds were asked.

Things like: Which number on a world map with numbers instead of names for the countries... which one is the USA? All of the questions are simple. How many can you get correct?

Take the test, see if you know the answers from the info you aquire as you go through life. Most of us should get at least 15 of them correct.

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Fun little quiz. Some of the questions really made me think!

Enjoy, and post your score!


I got 19 out of 20. The question on religion messed me up and the map was hard to see with my bad eyes but the results from all those taking the test is sad.
So, it seems we are a little bit smarter than the average bear, 19 out of 20. I wonder how our Congressmen and reporters would do on this....
20 out of 20. These questions were actually pretty easy. Anyone who managed to stay awake in geography class should have gotten no less than 19 or 18.
I was really stupid, missed the religion one...the top one has twice as many as the next one. I don't do religion so wasn't keeping up on it. I wonder if that will be the main one missed for those of us getting 19 out of 20? I know now though. Yes, the geography ones were pretty easy. I really don't think I would like to see the answer some of those kids gave of USA pop of 1-2 billion? How do they come up with a number like that, I wonder. We just barely cracked the xxx's. (can't be giving answers in here, that would be cheating on the quiz for those who haven't taken it yet)
This is the 2006 version and is a little different and more about current events. Amazingly I managed to get all of them correct on this one.

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Some of us slept through geography class 25 years ago or more............:wacko:
And the continents have changed their positions since then, eh? :biggrin:

19/20, religion question. Seems to be a running theme. I figured a billion screaming Chinamen can't all be wrong and answered Buddhism. But honestly, religion isn't so much a geography question as a sociology or demographics question. Still, I'm an Atheist, so what do I know about religion? I think they're all goofy, barnone.
20/20 here.

Wow, isn't it sad that only 25% (the least of the 9 countries shown) of americans knew the approximate population of the U.S? In fact, there were only a handfull of questions that U.S. wasn't last. Public school system, I suppose.:cray:

And I loved the results of the "which one of these is the USA?" question. Mexico scored the highest on that one. Any coincidence there?:sarcastic:
20/20. I had a hard time seeing some of the numbers. I knew where Israel was but took forever to see the number 1...
I missed 4. 3 of them were because I couldn't make out the numbers on my phone but I knew where the countries were. The religion question also got me. It is sad that most people my age don't know this. They were fairly easy questions.
so some people in europe don't even know what currency they use.. and only 97 percent of people in mexico know where mexico is... but even worse.. only 89 percent of people in the usa know where usa is...
I missed the religion question too...
I scored 20 / 20 but also had trouble reading the little numbers--I'm glad it wasn't timed.

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