Did my duty today


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I stayed home from work today and did my duty as an American and voted. Waited in line about an hour. Now all I have to do is pray that the right person gets in. If the wrong one wins....God help us!!!

Yep, me too! Got it out of the way early this morning. Now comes the waiting game. Lets keep our fingers crossed..
I waited in line for about a half hour, by far the longest I've ever had to wait. I did not decide on my choices for president and governor until I was at the voting machine; I voted McCain for president, and for the Republican incumbent (for whom I also voted in 2004) for governor.

BTW, welcome to USA Carry, bryarbush.
Well, it's over now. I am proud that our state went the right way. Like I said before, now only God can help us.
I'm a little concerned with how things will turn out now that O has been elected.... but I was just as concerned with M. I voted for Barr by the way.

All you folks seem to be deathly afraid of what the new Prez is going to do. It will be interesting to see if he can do as bad as the current group of political idiots. Passing a law that allows the president and his people to arrest you and confine you with out due process was one big nail in the coffin of liberty.

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