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My father in law,a Vietnam vet and pretty much all around good guy. After my wife and I have been married for almost 2 years now,she informs me that her dad will be taking an NRA Class provided through his work place in Indiana and says he will be purchasing his first handgun and applying for his Indiana CC permit. He's always been supportive of others freedom to exercise this right but has never partaken in it. I hope that I had some influence on this decision. Even his wife says she wants to get a shotgun to keep in the house. They weren't ever opposed to guns,just never really exposed to them. Then they all met their son in law. My wife took them shooting while they were down the first time,then when I was home I let em shoot a few of mine and my wifes pistols out in the pasture behind the house. They loved it. I hope all goes well for them. I will feel better about them being able to protect their home now at least.

Congratulation on bringing another over to our side. The more armed civilians the better.
Nice influence on your father-in-law........way to go! But you know what impressed me even more? His work place sponsored an NRA course? Now that could be impressive------does he work for some type of law enforcement or security agency?

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