Are there any moms here who carry?


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How do you deal with having to pick up kids at school with your fire arm?
I have home schooled with my eldest son so that wasn't really an issue til college. He doesn't drive.
Just want to know how some of you handle it?

Not sure about FL but in Texas only the school is a gun free zone. You may carry in the parking lot.
I'm in Utah where CFP holders can carry inside the school building as well, so I carry when I drop my kids off, when I pick them up, and when I help in their classes--haven't had to worry about what to do with my firearm on school grounds. I'd do some research on exactly which parts of the school area are off limits, not sure what the laws are in FL. If you are carrying to and from the school you might have to stop short of the school and put the gun in the trunk or case or whatever is acceptable on school grounds. Just some thoughts . . . hope it helps a little.
If I've read it correctly you can not have a gun on school PROPERTY here in Florida. That would include the parking lot. If there are some shops, gas station, ect across the street you could alway pick him up there. Or you could just pick him up at the curb.
I pick my brother up from school sometimes. I don't worry about it too much. Oregon laws are a bit more lax than Florida's, as I understand. Most LEO's aren't gonna make a big deal about it if for some reason you get 'caught.'
Check in to it because each state is slightly different. When I looked into it my state,, Washington, it has a clause written in it that if you are just picking up or dropping off your kids it is alright to carry. So it pays to look into it.
Here in Michigan you can have it with you, just don't get out of the car, put it in the trunk before you are on the property if you plan on getting out.
As was said before, check your state's laws. I'm sure someone can give a link to Florida's laws online. Here in TN, we can have our guns in the car when dropping off / picking up students, as long as the weapon never leaves the vehicle and is not handled on school grounds. So if I wanted to go inside for some reason, I have to remove my weapon from my person before entering the school property. Otherwise, I have to drive across the street, remove my weapon, then go back to the school and go inside.

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