Any other Idahoans??

Hi, I live in Hayden.

Hey yall

Im new to the site looks like a very good site with alot of info.Im from idaho but for now i live in colorado while i do school. I will be setting up a shop in the valley when i get back are there any services you would like to see that isnt offered currently? Any info you all can pass along is greatly helpfull thanks.
Silver Mnt

Silver Mtn I assume. Hope you guys open soon.

The projected opening date for Silver Mnt is November 26, 2010. Lookout Ski Resort has been open since Friday and it is only a 25 minute drive from Kellogg, at the Gondola (base of Silver Mnt). Good luck
Garden Valley

Originally from Arizona. Moved up here just over three years ago. Love it, but I do miss my desert stomps.
Arizona transplant

Been here about four years, in Garden Valley area. Love the country up here, but I do miss my desert stomping. Handgunner, black rifle, CCL, retired LEO.

Welcome to the site. I currently live in the Boise area. There are a few of us here. Hope you find all that you need, lots of info for the mining.
Boise here. I am a member of, and the homedale rod and gun club. The Homedale club is a great group, Come out to one of our meetings the 1st Thursday of each month, 7:30pm @ the Homedale bowling alley. The range is up to 500yds with plenty of plinking ranges and pistol steel to shoot. We have a trap range and something important for us old guys a nice bathroom. the whole facility is clean, well taken care of, and out of 80 members we had close to 49 show up for a work day a couple of weeks back. Not bad compaired to some of the other functions I have been associated with.
Hope to see you there.
Welcome jelo45110. Always glad to hear of a local joining the group. Hope you get a lot out of your membership here.
Welcome to the Idaho forum

Welcome to all of you new folks. Jesse, shadow106, Ghost Rider, localgirl, havanagunner. Not that I'm any more older than any of you. Just got here a little earlier is all.

Extremely glad we have someone of the fairer sex with us. Always good to get a female perspective in regards to weapons and shooting. Helps those of us who have to deal with our wives and significant others.

Hope I don't offend anyone, I'm a little old fashioned in my speech (and written word as well). In any event, welcome everyone and hope we all have a good time exchanging ideas and learning from one another.

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