And you thought Star Trek technobabble was impenetrable.


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I believe that this came out of the ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) and the Chrysler training institute (Mo-Tech) in Lavonia.
Would you Mopar types please list and define the technical terms for those like me that are Chrysler deficient?

(Thanks, that was great!)
This was well done. I am a mechanical engineer, and caught enough actual true lingo to have me wondering whether I was techno-deficient or something. Some of what was said was actually true, but the majority was gibberish. Kudos to them for getting me to check!

Very well done.

I didn't save the other checks but here is the last one I checked on:
Turboencabulator - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

From Rockwell:

Link Removed
Yeah Defiantly SNL stuff...

What he has there is a tranny off a K car, a ECM and a and IM.... from their 3L V6
Actually I would keep finding that much of the technobabble on Startrek was actual science unlike this. :hang3:

Anytime I hear of something like this it always reminds me of the dangers of DHMO and the movement to have it banned. You really need to check out this website and how just scary allowing the production DHMO is. Everyone need to call and email congress to get DHMO banned now.

Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division - dihydrogen monoxide info

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