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Hello all,

As you can guess from the title of my thread, I'm an active duty military member and I will soon be stationed in Las Vegas. I'm coming back to the US from 2 years overseas, and I'm planning on getting a Nevada CCW permit. I've done some research from Luke's FAQ and I still have a few questions:

1. Does anyone know if active duty military personnel stationed in Nevada are considered in-state residents? My home of record is Georgia, but other states I have been in considered me a resident for certain things.

2. In the event that I'm considered a non-resident (which I'm kind of expecting), how much do the approved firearms training courses usually cost? I'll feel a little silly taking a basic course, considering that I was a deputy sheriff/certified peace officer in GA before I joined the military but I'll do what I have to in order to carry in Nevada.

3. My new colleagues at the base I'm coming to are suggesting that I live in North Las Vegas, because it is supposed to be relatively safe and convenient to work. After reading these and many other boards, I see that they have a poor attitude towards gun owners and some ridiculous ordnances that seem to be in violation of the new laws. Does anyone have any suggestions on decent areas of town outside the NLV jurisdiction?

Any information you might have would be much appreciated.



NV residency and NLV

You are not considered to be a NV resident unless you have a NV DL and you have NV plates. As long as you keep your GA DL and have GA plates on your vehicle you're not a NV resident.

The FFL I deal with for my interstate transfers had a meeting with former Sheriff Keller on this issue. He was stationed at Nellis at the time as well and wasn't a NV resident at the time. Back before NV issued to non-residents you had to have a NV DL or full time ID to get a NV CFP. I believe he ended up surrendering his out of State license and got a NV DL.

The good news is there's no difference between resident and non-resident CFPs with respect to term or training as of Oct 1, 2007.

If you plan on buying firearms while you're stationed in NV then it's in your best interest to get a NV CFP as you'll qualify for a NICS exemption for NV firearm transfers. NV NICS checks are $25 each. Your active duty military orders will suffice to any FFL that knows the BATFE regs and the multiple residency exemption.

If you don't plan on buying firearms in Nevada or don't mind paying the $25 NICS check fee then I'd carry in Nevada on a recognized CCW. Florida and Utah being your two non-resident options.

As for North Las Vegas. It depends on which part. If it's the older portion around downtown which we locals call Northtown, it's comparable to south central LA or the 9th ward of New Orleans. It's gotten a little bit better since the Gerson Park projects were bulldozed and Carey Arms (now Buena Vista Springs) was changed into senior onlyapartments. If you're north of Cheyenne where the nicer residential zones are, you should be fine. Anything south of Cheyenne I'd stay away from. The Sunrise Mountain area (north of Bonanza Rd and east of Nellis Blvd) isn't bad either. I would try to keep a few miles away from Eldorado High School. Unfortunately a problem that Las Vegas has inherited from California are the gangs. When the heat is on in CA, they come here. When the heat is on here and it's down in CA they go back.

The North Las Vegas codes pertaining to having firearms in your vehicle without a CCW were invalidated by SB92 which took effect the first of this year. Only the Clark County handgun registration code stands with a 60 day grace period for visitors. Since you'll be stationed here most likely longer than 60 days, you'll have to register your concealable firearm that you bring with you.
There are a few threads going around trying to get NLV to recognize state law. It might be a little while on that front.

I've lived here since 85 and I agree with netentity regarding North town. I just stay away from there. My sister in law lives in the Aliante subdivision of NLV and it is a pretty nice/new area. I live all the way to the NW of the valley (technically Las Vegas) and there are a few Nellis people living in various homes around the neighborhood, so it must not be too bad of a commute. Plus, we are closer to Desert Sportsman's Rifle & Pistol Club. :-)

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