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  • You said:"One nation under god was added to the pledge in 1954.
    In God We Trust didn't become the motto of the country until 1956.

    Jefferson and many of the founding fathers were more Deists or Unitarians than Christians.

    I'm sure many people would rather the US be the Christian's equivalent of Iran, but it just seems wrong to me."

    That is right, but don't thing you are going to convince most of the users on here of that. That the USA was NOT founded on Christian principles. They HAVE been brain washed. In God we/I trust. Why can't people just trust in themselves? Why do they always seem to need a crutch? (most of them)

    Good post, thanks for posting it.

    This pretty well tells it like it is for the USA. Religion

    This link last 9:09 and interesting.


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