.45acp vs 9mm

My carry caliber of choice is...

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I carry small, concealable pistols. I find that 9mm goes better with them. I have a full-size .45 at home that I enjoy shooting very much (and it's usually what sits next to my bed every night), but since I spend so much time wearing light clothing here in S. Florida, a large pistol isn't really an option. 9mm, .380, and .357 are what I carry.


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True. Too true, and the argument is endless. So just make your decision and live with it -- or have both and take turns. For that reason I do not knock one or the other. It's sorta like what's better, blondes or redhead?

Exactly! These questions are always funny, and I mean no offense to the guys who ask them, they post the question and 6 hours later they have to wade thru 859 increasingly heated responses ...

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Thank you for voicing your opinion and your experience, It seems like these certain units like sac and the seals only have the civillians fooled because plenty of guy like me and you have seen them operater and know better,

thank you for your service as well

I was only a regular grunt in the USMC and I will vouch for most of "us" being immature window lickers who would get their asses handed to them by several civilians....so I always assumed the same if the SOCOM community....just that they were better swimmers and had cooler haircuts than we were allowed to have. :p


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You are right. I would rather have three hits with 9mm than three misses with .45. all rounds do damage so it winds up being a preference thing.
Main reason I went with a .45 for a carry gun was cause I found a great deal on a Kimber Ultra Carry II. Originally I was going to go with a XD9 but found a guy at the sheriff’s office selling his slightly used Kimber for $450. Couldn't pass that up. Then with a little practice can shoot it just as well as a 9mm.

I like the extra weight and diameter of the .45 but I think the .40 and 9mm are also affective defensive rounds. I feel whatever you can shoot the best with should be what you carry. Scoring 3 hits with a 9mm is better the scoring 3 missing with a .45.

I agree with you! Scoring 3 hits with a 9mm is better the scoring 3 missing with a .45. However, practice "dry fire" is another excellent ideal to practice shooting without waste a lots of ammo and range fees....
Personally, I always carry my 9mm....I feel I am very confident with my 9mm.... I agree 9mm is smaller than .45cal...however, shot replacement is the ticket.... practice will eventually pay off with a very satisfaction result.
Happy shooting!! Stay safe!!


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I personally prefer the .45ACP, but due to the cost these days I carry the 9mm. Shot placement being more valuable than caliber I'm confident enough in the 9mm that I shouldn't have any issues with it.

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