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    Natchez has small pistol primers in stock

    CCI #500 small pistol primers are in stock at if anyone is interested. Just got the email a couple of minutes ago.
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    Visiting AZ

    I know the restraunt carry was passed and signed but can anyone tell me when the effective date is? I am gonna be in AZ in Oct. and would like to know if I need to leave my guns in the vehicle while I'm at dinner. Thanks.
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    Sig P250

    I'm looking at the P250 for my next toy. Anyone have one? What are your likes or dislikes with it? Any flaws with the convertible design?
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    Front Sight

    So Front Sight is offering their 2 day defensive handgun course for $100 till April 20th. I am gonna take them up on this offer. Just wonderin how many of you have been there and what I can expect from them. In case anyone else is interested here is the email I got: April 4, 2009 Dr...
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    Mr. Jefferson

    Mike Church's take on the Simon & Garfunkel classic, "Mrs. Robinson". Thought some of you might enjoy it too. YouTube - Mr. Jefferson -The Mike Church Show Band
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    Crimson Trace Question

    I received my new Crimson Trace laser grips yesterday and wanted to know if anyone put the DANGER stickers on their pistol? There is no law that says they have to be on there is there? The only reason I would point my gun anywhere near someones eyes is if I was going to shoot them in the head in...
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    Reply From Senator

    Here is the letter that I received today from Sen. John Ensign (R,NV). Dear Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding the nomination of Eric H. Holder, Jr., for Attorney General of the United States. I appreciate the opinion of every Nevadan and am always grateful to those who...
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    9mm luger +p ammo

    I bought some cor-bon 115 gr jhp 9mm+p for carry ammo today. I didn't realize it was +p till I got home. I know that the +p means it is high pressure but thats about all I know about the +p ammo. Can anyone tell me if it will hurt to fire through my S&W M&P9c?
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    Waiting Period

    Can someone tell me if there is a 72 hour waiting period in the Reno area like there is in Vegas w/o a blue card or is this just a Clark County thing.