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I received my new Crimson Trace laser grips yesterday and wanted to know if anyone put the DANGER stickers on their pistol? There is no law that says they have to be on there is there? The only reason I would point my gun anywhere near someones eyes is if I was going to shoot them in the head in which case does it matter if the laser hits their eyes?

I usually keep all my boxes relating to my firearms. Stickers like that stay in the box not on my firearm. Anyway it won't stay on for long if you put it on your firearm. A few cleanings and it will fall off.:wink:
My Kimber Crimson Carry came with the stickers on the gun, but I removed them as soon as I took it from the box.
And the next warning labels required on all firearms and their containers:

the Surgeon General has determined that being shot can be hazzardous to your health, especially if you are pregnant or nursing or over the age of 35.
The FDA has determined that consuming lead from being shot can cause acute trama, as well as lead poisoning resulting in diminished cognative abilities, insanity, and death.


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