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I'm looking at the P250 for my next toy. Anyone have one? What are your likes or dislikes with it? Any flaws with the convertible design?

I have one in 9mm Compact, and I love it. The trigger pull is rather long at first, but i got used to it after only acouple of mags, and at 4.5-6.5 pounds is pretty light for a DAO. Very accurate and is maybe the easiest gun I have ever field stripped. I am going to being getting the .40 conversion soon.

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I just trained a guy with a brand-spankin' new P250 .40 S&W. (Very pretty duo tone, Sig NiteSites - nice.)

He had a few F2F with his brand new gun. I checked but saw no obvious culprit - having been told on rare occasion Sig failed to adequately smooth out the feed ramp, but his new gun's ramp was nice and smooth. A staff person at the range said he's been hearing 250's require a "break-in" period, much like a new Kimber. (?)

As a long-time Sig fan, this was a bit surprising. One, that there was any F2F at all, coupled with a "break-in" period. I suggested to my student shooter that he run 400-600 rounds through it with varying ammo, and track performance. If it continues to show feed issues, it may be worth having Sig diagnose the issue. Sigs generally do not fail. (I know mine don't!)

The only other immediate issue I noticed was the complete lack of gear and accessories for the new 250 line. We checked out a few stores and no one seems to stock 250 holster selections, etc. I told the guy to check out Crossbreeds and Kholster, which is what I'd do if I had a 250.

Otherwise, I liked it. DAO trigger took some getting used to, but that DA wasn't as stiff as my DA on my 229 DA/SA. Seems like a nice CC choice to me.
i got mine in 45 asp and it never had a problem. I have heard that a few of them have a bad spring and you have to send them back to sig to fix them.

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