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Can someone tell me if there is a 72 hour waiting period in the Reno area like there is in Vegas w/o a blue card or is this just a Clark County thing.

That must be a Clark County thing. In Reno, you are free to purchase and can walk out with your handgun (so long as you pass the background). If your background is questionable and you don't get immediate approval, the State Records Repository have 72 hours to make a decision one way or the other. Last 3 handguns I purchased took about 20 minutes each and I went home with my firearm. I hope that answers your question.
As far as I know, it's just a Las Vegas thing, and has nothing to do with Clark County. Maybe someone in Henderson or Boulder City can clarify it.

I know that in 1999, I didn't go through with a purchase in Las Vegas because of the waiting period. I went to Henderson and bought the pistol the same day.

The funny thing is that when I purchased the pistol in Henderson, they issued me a blue card. I could have gone back to Las Vegas and purchased another firearm the same day.
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Everything I've ever bought in Nye County I've taken home right away, immediately after the background check has been completed.
The Clark County ordinance "waiting period" is, in my humble opinion, unlawful.

The federal Brady law should be the only requirement.
What waiting period? I made a purchase at the Gun Show at Cashman Field in November or so, and walked out of the Gun Show with the gun and the blue card in hand.

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